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bro's so delusional their gatekeeping a fictional character 

Ah yes yes the delusional one has come

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Can you add an option where there is a shop where you can buy more pots in case they run out? And then where we can sell the flowers? Thank you the game was great!

Edit: Also an add option where we can grow underwater plants!!

Same here Im also using a mac, I can move with my keyboard but not with my mouse

love the game I hope that there will be procedural generation soon.

I rlly wanted to play this game but when I try to unrar the file (Im on macOS version 10.11.6) The only thing I keep seeing is that I cant open it cause there's no application thats able to open it- I tried redownloading but still I cant open it :(((

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can someone tell me how to destroy the mines and the UFO's??? I cant seem to figure it out T-----T