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First of all: thank you very much for taking the time to try and address the issue!
I did see a significant improved of walking: my character reacts good to the moving input now. Swinging a sword still produced the same 5-10sec lag as before though, which resulted in finding the enemy quickly, but then not knowing which swings I heard were mine or the opponent's.
I appreciate that you tried to make the game playable for me, but I still don't know what causes the lag or the 1FPS in my case. I'm curious as to other players and whether or not the game works alright for them.

Anyways: 10/10 for the idea of the game and for your interactivity :)

I was really looking forward to playing this (games designed for the blind fascinate me), but when I started up the game (Player vs CPU), I was received by a whopping 1FPS, and after getting into the game all my input kept having a serious lag of roughly 5-10 seconds, making it unplayable.

Does anyone else experience this issue? I got a very descent laptop, so I doubt the trouble lies there. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I hope it can be cleared out so I can have another go at it!