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Fullscreen is kinda broken on Linux. Also, there's a really annoying sound loop... Other than that , it's a great game! Please check out the issues with Linux though...

Also you have support for QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards, why not do DVORAK as well?

EDIT: Turns out that annoying music is not a bug but an easter egg :P won't say how it happened so I don't spoil it for others XD

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Nice game! I can't figure out what I'm doing, but that's just me XD. Has lot's of potential! EDIT: I seem to have found some bugs, where you can have $50 and buy a bandage and you'll still have $20 left over.

Looks cool, but can't get it to work on Linux D: (Using Ubuntu 16.10)

Just get a black screen and an a-wooshing (Maybe this is part of the game, but it doesn't seem like it)