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Not for gaming lol, especially considering Apple is removing OpenGL support in future versions of Mac OS

Linux version when? Seems strange you made Mac support but not Linux lol

Why no Linux version :P

Can you please release a Linux version of this?

Is this game also open source or...?

Go for it, but be forewarned; I really meant it when I said my code wasn't optimized whatsoever. You'll be sure to find... well, let's just say it shouldn't be difficult to find the source of the lag :P

I'm not sure how to fix your lag issue, but I can upload a windowed mode executable to fix the fullscreen issues. I'd just program in an F11 shortcut but the game was only made for a jam, so if I were to continue updates for it I'd probably just do the whole thing from scratch to be honest. Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! The game was developed & tested on Gentoo and I had no issues; one thing to note is that my code is... not exactly as optimized as it could be, and if you're playing with low CPU specs it might not run that well. If you could let me know what distro you're using and what your specs are, I'll do my best to help

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Fullscreen is kinda broken on Linux. Also, there's a really annoying sound loop... Other than that , it's a great game! Please check out the issues with Linux though...

Also you have support for QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards, why not do DVORAK as well?

EDIT: Turns out that annoying music is not a bug but an easter egg :P won't say how it happened so I don't spoil it for others XD

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Nice game! I can't figure out what I'm doing, but that's just me XD. Has lot's of potential! EDIT: I seem to have found some bugs, where you can have $50 and buy a bandage and you'll still have $20 left over.

Looks cool, but can't get it to work on Linux D: (Using Ubuntu 16.10)

Just get a black screen and an a-wooshing (Maybe this is part of the game, but it doesn't seem like it)