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This is the first TTRPG I could be bothered to sit down and properly learn and it is currently 23:50pm as I’m typing this. I had so much fun and I actually felt a lot of emotion while playing this game. Love to see more planets!

could i create a hack of this?

If you participated in number one that’s amazing but now for 2022 we have a jam that will blow up in the same way and bring the community together. Here’s a link:


Make up your own cyberpunk/steampunk derivative and use the ones I’ve listed as a reference. This might also help: Cyberpunk Derivatives Wikpedia

Today I release a game and I can’t find it in search or browse. It is a physical game. I have checked to make sure it is public, unlisted in search and browse is unchecked and disable new downloads and purchases is unchecked. People have been able to purchase it through links but they cannot find it another way. Any help would be great! Here’s the game: LUMEN LIGHTBULBS Issue #2

I know right

if you have discord, the fari games discord is a pretty good place. just Private message RP on the server and they will sort it out. heres a link

Fari Games is looking to make a collection of SRDs unlike any other. But they need your help to do that. Below there is an image stating the details of adding an SRD to the site.

sure, get that in a bit

I love that you made an SRD for such a unique game!

I love this mechanic dude! Thanks for the 2 submissions already.

how do we make a game with this? Can i just put your name in the text somewhere?

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Can't wait for a full version

This would be very useful for physical playbooks and is quite unique in that way. 10/10 would fold again.

Could you make an editable version?

wow this is really cool. it has good potential!

there is nothing here

Maybe add a feature where you could simulate a hand of cards for example if you draw a card you can put it into you hand


13-16 yrs comm over discord

It can be anyone and will communicate on discord. Limitations are 13-18

sorry couldnt find anywhere else to post this