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Atmospheric blur

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Oh, Okay. I was just checking since these days a lot of early access game developers just scam people and never finish their games. 

Are you selling early access game and then expecting people to buy the second version of the same early access game? 

Hey. Coming here from your review of my game. Turns out I already played your game and rated it before haha.  I liked it, thought the screen is small, at least on my computer. Really like the sounds. And in general, just feels good!

Thanks for the review! I will probably create entire game out of that jam, so feedback is appreciated. And I will go check out your game right now!

Well... Sometimes when I start, I get two guys from both sides and only way to go up is in the middle, but in the middle there is no wall to climb so you get stuck. Maybe I just don't understand something. But still I loved the idea of the game ,this looks promising. 

I loved the piano music.
It's so relaxing.
Eat more so you won't die, loved the message. I like to eat more.

I like the idea and sounds. Some annoying things like when yous tart without any way to go up due to rng happen. But all in all, pretty good!

So many cops to kill....   My poor amigos get killed. 

It's actually pretty fun.