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SHRUBNAUT community · Created a new topic Unwinnable state?

Hi, I tried running the game with wine on mac, but got an error about .NET v4 not found. I'd appreciate if you could do a mac build. I'm happy to help you with that.

Mac build when?

Can I have a mac build please?

No I did not. I started off with Love2D, but wasted a lot of time with little output, and thus gave up. I'm going to stick to using Unity next time.

Congratulations on finishing the game! I'll play and review this game soon. :)

Thanks for playing the game, and your encouraging comments! 

Hey, if it's not much trouble, could you release for macos as well?

Thanks for playing the game. Did you manage to finish it? If not, which level did you end at?

Thanks for playing the game! The game was meant to be somewhat frustrating. :)

Thanks for playing the game, and the feedback. I'm glad you liked the concept. I do acknowledge that the jump wasn't perfect. I'll keep this in mind for my next game. Thanks again!

Thank you for playing the game, and I'm glad you were able to finish it and enjoyed it. I did use a non-default font (Roboto), but I guess I could have picked something even better. I wouldn't have been able to animate the 3d character though, and so it would have looked really unpolished.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks a lot for your feedback. I did, in fact, try to implement coyote time jump by essentially increasing the bounding box for checking if player is in ground, but that had the side-effect of introducing the wall jump capability, i.e. the player can just jump from the side of the platform without ever being ON the platform. Do you know of any links/resources on how to implement this properly in Unity?

The background music is by:, and this is the particular one: I just asked on Tim's discord, and someone suggested this to me.

Thanks for your comment. I am happy you appreciated the little things I did to improve the polish.

Since it's a jam game and the topic is inspiration, I thought it would be okay to use the name. Of course, I'd never do that if this was made into a full game.

Did you finish it? I'd have liked a screenshot with number of deaths and total time saved. If you beat it again, do share. And yes, the jump is a bit strange, but you get used to it. I tried fixing it, but wasn't able to.

Thanks for the wonderful in-depth review. Yes, there are a number of possible variants with this idea. I didn't get to try them all. The dust flying off marking the landing spot sounds good, and could make this game more accessible. I do realize that the jump sometimes doesn't work. I tried hard to understand why, but couldn't solve the problem. Also, while playtesting on my own, I had learnt the "proper" way to  jump (you have to wait a bit in the ground before jumping again), and so I couldn't reproduce the jump problem. Thanks again for your feedback. My next game will have invisibility mechanic as well, and I will incorporate your feedback.

To those playing this game, you can press the P button, if you want to go to a previous level for practice. 

In that case, maybe 180 degree would be good, i.e. 90 degrees each side.

Thanks for playing the game! You can go the previous level by pressing the p key. Yeah, I know the time limits are quite tight, but I realized that challenge is a huge part of the game.

The camera in the first part of the game is weirdly positioned. Bottom half the screen is just empty. Loved how the adventure game turned into a space shooter, although the boss battle was just too long and boring. I like the boss' bullet patterns, but felt it could do more such as move up and down, and definitely end earlier.

Not sure how to abduct cows. I tried, but the three cows stay in place.

Had a lot of fun playing this game, even though my fingers hurt from the clicks I had to do in the blue mat (maybe increase 2 air for 1 click?). I played uptil I got  $12 and didn't continue after that. I think the pacing should been a bit easier, i.e. the first achievement should be $5 or $10, after which a new element is added to the game.

Good job with the voxel art, gameplay, and nice (mis-)interpretation of the theme. ;)

Keep making games!

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This is challenging and unforgiving game, with large collision boxes. Perhaps that's intentional. I don't really know what "inspiration shards" look like, so I was just trying to reach the brain without hitting obstacles, which even though it's just half the game, was FUN! I would have had twice the fun if I knew what inspiration shards looked like. Please help.

Great take on the theme, btw. And loved the traverse-the-human-body concept. Keep making games!

Love the concept of the game, i.e. zero gravity with hook-to-move. The tutorial is a big wall of text, which isn't very fun. A much easier to describe the objective of the game would have been to visually depict the enemies as monsters (simple ones), instead of cubes. At first, I thought the cubes are some sort of fuel or object I have to collect. I think it would be great if the concept is fleshed out more. Who doesn't love killing monsters while doing a zero gravity spacewalk! Sign me up!

Simple and fun game. While I like the simple artstyle, the black obstacles could have used better art. IMO, the obstacles should kill you, or at least lower your health. Otherwise, there is no tension in the game, i.e. the player can just keep riding the clouds and constantly be at the top of the screen, without worrying about the obstacles. I found the game fun, because I thought the obstacles were to be avoided at all costs. The game could also use coins to pick up, so that player has something to do, which also adds tension if the coin is between obstacles. Great job, nonetheless, and keep making games!

Cute game. I wish the tank turret moved full 360 degrees, and perhaps a bit faster.

At first, I couldn't figure out the objective in the game, until I noticed the help button. People are not likely to notice the help button, and even if they do, it's not a good user experience to expect them to do that. There were enough screens before the game starts to describe the objective.

Apart from these small nitpicks, a well-done 3-in-1 game. 

Had fun playing this. Great polish, humorous "narrative". I'm sure Juan and other Godot devs would love this.

Nitpick: I think for a game so simple, the controls should be either completely mouse-based or completely keyboard. The mixed controls was awkward.

There seems to be a big skill gap between level 2 and level 3, which completely threw me off.

I love the polish in this game. Feels like a game I bought on app store. However, I don't "get" the gameplay. I tried playing a few times, but don't really get a clear signal if I'm playing well or not. I think the player should be more clearly rewarded. Are gun shots bad? What do the symbols mean? Am I supposed to figure out which symbols go with what? If there is any depth in this game, I seem to have completely missed it. I adore the art style, music, sfx, and animations though, which made me play the game even though I didn't understand what I was playing.

This is a great game. I didn't finish it, but I've got this bookmarked to play and finish later. Great concept (although probably not original), and level design complements the concept quite well.

Few comments.

1. Since one of the sheep is invincible, perhaps it should have been visually distinct to make it clear. Perhaps a more mechanized version of the sheep to emphasize its invincibility.

2. This game plays good enough that I would have liked more polish, things like death animation, better SFX (a sheep game without "baaa"?).

3. A screen size which allows me to see more of the level would improve the gameplay, since then I can plan my moves, etc.

Hope you build on it after the jam. :)

Hi, this game doesn't play on macos, but it's claimed to be.

This doesn't run on macos. There is no macos app in the zip file.

This was way more fun than I expected. :D

I'd love to play more levels!

Thanks a lot for your help in playtesting the game.