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Thanks for sharing this update!

Have to say I loved the graphics and the music. The parallax effect is great too, but I did find it difficult to tell when a skull would actually hit me and when it would be safe to dodge it. It would also be nice to have a counter showing how many moonbeams have been collected so far. Looking forward to a more complete version

When I first put the headphones on, I thought "this is terrible", turned out my Lynx has a bad stereo socket. Swapped it out for another Lynx and wow, I was impressed! Can't say this is the style of game I like, it reminded me too much of Alien Isolation. I made heavy use of the computer map and it was so pleasant actually finding an exit. Some points of frustration though - can the computer map render quicker? It would be nice to have a sound sample menu so you can test out and know what various sounds mean - like walking into a wall, etc. The graphics effects, where found, are amazing though!

It took me a while to get the hang on of the controls and I managed to get down to the score of 11 so far. I noticed that sometimes if you're falling and there is a potion to collect, once you hit the ground, the potion disappears. Cool music and animations, will have to keep trying to get a better score I think!

I really like the idea of this game, especially the meta-controls, it's very cool. The music is very nice too. The only improvements I would suggest is not using the default CC65 font.

There are! In fact it's available on pre-order on the LynXmas 2020 cart, you can get it here -

We're going to have new stock of BennVenn mod kits soon, probably a couple of weeks from now 😎

Hello! Glad you like the improvements and thank you for your support! What you're describing sounds like LYX files to me, these are going to be slightly smaller, the LNX files are just 64 bytes larger and contain a header at the start of the ROM to provide additional information about the ROM. ElCheapoSD expect LNX files and I know there are tonnes of LYX files out there that have a .LNX extension. I'm working on an online utility that will be able to fix your LYX ROMs, will try and get it finished this week. At the moment it can convert 256K LYX files to 512K LYX files, but that won't help you in this case. The utility is here - Check back in a few days, hopefully I've had time to update it by then.

Hello! That's odd isn't it? ElCheapoSD Menu uses the same API but that works by sending a ROM number to launch a ROM. I am guessing something is going awry during sorting. Can you try and format your SD card and copy the menu and the ROMs back? If that doesn't work please join our Discord server for a chat -

Hello, yes there is, probably together with the original (not 2020) version of the game. I'll be ordering a batch of Lynx cartridge PCBs in July just for this purpose. Hopefully I can get something released in August/September.  😻

Thank you for your first submission to the Lynx game scene Aaron! Hope to see more from you in the future, don't forget to say hi on the forums too!

Thank you! I've used some parts of this in my game - "Santa's Empty Sack" that I made for the LynXmas 2020 game jam.

Thank you for making this available, it inspired the title screen for my game -

I mostly used the legs and the waist, scaled it down to fit a resolution of 160x102  😅

Excellent! Love that you made a demo of it so people can get an idea before buying. The ROM can be played here -

Great news and congrats! I guess this makes my version of "A bugs' Lynx" even more rare now!

Thanks! Yep the difficultly and coyote time needs to be tuned. I've had a tonne of suggestions for the 'final' release of this game. The competition version was put together in two weeks so I plan to spend much longer on the revised version, probably even adding some shooting and power up elements to it.

That's what the LNX2LYX converter is for in case you need to convert any other ROMs   -

Ok, sure, I'll send you a link to resubmit.

If it's bug fixes go for it, I can provide a special link to re-submit, but please don't go adding new features/levels/etc. I plan to do the same with my entry.

No, Atari has nothing to do with this competition. If you are talking about Atari Age however, the publishing conditions is a promotional deal for this competition. You can of course have your game published by Atari Age under different conditions even if you are not in the winning spots in this competition. Hope that helps explain it!

Yes the theme is defined, you have to go along with it. It is very open to interpretation so do your best to make it fit.

I tried this out in Handy and the movement speed seems a little slow, can that be sped up?

Also when drawing the gun it seems to trigger very quickly, I think you need some de-bounce code there to help with it.

Everything listed for each place is included as part of the prize, as you can see there is a reduction of prize amount from 1st to 2nd to 3rd place.

We had a number of questions about the following prize so we decided to clarify...

Your game published in physical form by AtariAge with 5x copies of your game

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive 5x copies of your game if published via AtariAge.

All submitted competition entries will be published in the Project Argon (Android Retro Emulation System) digital store as well as on the Atari Gamer game database.

You will also be given the option to participate in the following:

  • Your game published in physical form by AtariAge. Publishing rights, ownership and IP will be negotiated between you and Atari Age on a per-case basis.
  • Releasing a non-competition version of your game on the Project Argon store where you can request payment for your game i.e. you may wish to add extra levels to the game after the competition or have different game modes, enhanced graphics, etc.

Hello, this is all covered in the rules section:

Your game must be for the Atari Lynx console and submitted as a LNX ROM file with a correctly populated header
You can use any tools or assets you wish and can code in C or Assembly

Having said that, I doubt very much that Game Maker Studio will be able to do what you want. Remember this is a 30+ year old console, so you need to have a very different approach to coding on it compared to modern day hardware.

I suggest you take a look at the following page that we also linked from the jam page...

Atari Lynx Programming Resources

This competition is brought to you by Atari Gamer and RetroHQ with AtariAge and Mark/Space also sponsoring it. The top 3 placing game entries will received prizes as follows...

1st PlaceLynx GD Cartridge from RetroHQ Your game published in physical form by AtariAge with 5x copies of your game $150 USD paid via PayPal by Mark/Space
2nd PlaceLynx GD Cartridge from RetroHQ Your game published in physical form by AtariAge with 5x copies of your game $100 USD paid via PayPal by Mark/Space
3rd PlaceLynx GD Cartridge from RetroHQ Your game published in physical form by AtariAge with 5x copies of your game

There's nothing to stop you publishing early but remember the voting will not start until August 15 (AEST time). I will update the competition details with all the key dates.

Looking forward to trying out the pad!

This thread is to clarify some rules. Below are some updates and extra details for the rules of the competition.

Previously, we said "Your game must not have been released in the past for Atari Lynx", this has now been rephrased as "Your game must not have been released in the past for Atari Lynx (if you had an incomplete or demo version of your game released in the past, you can submit a completed version for this competition)".

We added a new rule "Competition sponsors can enter the competition but are not eligible to receive any prizes (if a sponsor's entry is in the top 3, their prize will be passed onto the next place entry)".

Hello! Thanks for your interest. This is covered in the Rules section...

You can use any tools or assets you wish and can code in C or Assembly

As long as you meet the main requirement of providing a LNX ROM file, you can make it however you like!