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Thank you! I worked really hard on getting my ideas on a piece of digital paper.. I really want the Raft Developer to check this out!

The update/idea I'm thinking off is called the Defense Update:

Adds 6 new items:

  • Reinforced Ingots. In order to craft a Reinforced Ingot, you need to have 2 scraps, you need to craft it in the forgery.
  • Forgery. The forgery is like a crafting table, meant to smelt scraps into Reinforced Ingots. In order to craft this, you would need 7 scraps, 5 wood, and 3 string.
  • Mounted Harpoon Gun. (Does 6 damage to bandits, and 12 Damage to rafts.) This type of machine is meant to launch harpoons at sharks, or bandit rafts (Learn about bandits later on). It would take 3 Reinforced Ingots, 5 scraps, 10 wood, and 5 string to craft. NOTICE: You do have to pull the harpoon in, just like the hook.
  • Bow. This type of weapon is made for shark hunting, bandit catching, and damaging bandit ships. You can craft a bow using 2 Reinforced Ingots, 3 string, and 4 wood.
  • Arrow. (Does 4 damage to bandits, and 8 damage to rafts.) This is your ammunition for the Bow. It would take 1 Reinforced Ingot, and 2 wood to craft 3x Arrows.
  • Reinforced Platforms, Walls, Foundations, Floors, Stairs, and any building units. In order to reinforce any of those, you would need a hammer, 1 reinforced ingot (Per unit you want to reinforce). You would need to select the reinforce tool from the crafting wheel with your hammer. Reinforced building units have increased their HP by 100.

Adds 3 new settings.

  • Easy. Easy mode consists of 1 shark at a time, and 1 bandit raft at a time (Bandit rafts start spawning 10-15 minutes after game has started. Bandit raft spawn ratio: 1 for every 5-12 minutes.)
  • Normal. Normal mode consists of 2 or less sharks at a time, and 1-2 bandit rafts at a time ( Bandit rafts start spawning 9-14 minutes after the game has started. Bandit raft spawn ratio: 1-2 rafts (random) for every 4-9 minutes.)
  • Hardcore. !!WARNING!! HARDCORE, it consists of 1-5 sharks at a time, and 1-3 bandit rafts at a time (Bandit rafts starts spawning 5-9 minutes into gameplay. Bandit raft spawn ratio: 1-3 rafts (random) for every 5-10 minutes (also random).

Adds 2 new BIG features.

  • Bandits. Computer controlled characters that spawn in on a Bandit Raft. They're purpose is to raid and/or kill the player. They can take down walls, and destroy any building units. They can raid chests that the player has placed. They can take 3-5 slots of items from each chest. If killed while they have raided your chests, they drop the resources and player can return them. The bandit has 20 hit points (health). The bandit does 13-15 damage each time they want to target and destroy a building UNIT. The bandit's weapons themselves, do 2-7 damage to a PLAYER.
  • Bandit Rafts. Bandits spawn on a 2x3 platform raft. The raft has 1 sail, and 1 chest. The raft has 1-3 bandits per raft. These rafts are sinkable, the only way you can sink them, is by shooting their raft with the Mounted Harpoon Gun. A bandit raft has 75 HP. When a bandit raft is sunken, the raft falls apart, and 4-7 wood planks, 3-5 string, and 4-6 scraps are left floating in the water, which the player can then pick up.

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope it get's added into Raft. Raft Developer, if you would please read this, it would be amazing, same goes with other accounts. Thank you again, and make sure to comment down below for other ideas/fixes to this thread.