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i was so excited when i got the email saying that the full version has been released!!! it certainly made my evening and lessened the stress i had for my hw (lol). thank you so much for your time, effort, and dedication towards this project, and congratulations on the release!! :D πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

hi happy new year's!!!!! i just discovered all your visual novels by chance browsing through the tags and i have to say i'm absolutely in love?? like wOW heck!!!! i love all the characters and the protagonist is relatable and undeniably human? like it's really hard to describe but i love playing visual novels were the protagonist seems to come alive along with the plot and i feel like you did an amazing job with these!!! i played them all today bc i was so excited after going through one and i can't wait until this one's finished. and, if you plan on making any more installments, i'd gladly play them as well. you're doing amazing!!! i hope the holidays were nice and happy 2019!! ( Β΄ βˆ€ ` )

aww yeah!!! glad to see another update (even tho i haven't comment much on the previous ones....... it's still great to read about these!!). tysm for the key for nusantara winged ones on steam; i don't think i could ever say enough to thank you for all the hard work you put into everything. and 2k+ words!! whoop whoop!! that's amazing considering the most i write in a day is about 1k tops only, minus revisions and all the other good stuff that comes with writing. i played through some of winged ones on steam but finals are this week so i had to put my game playing on a pause to study :0. once this week's over tho i'll definitely finish up all three routes (again lols) and drop a review on steam! i hope you feel better soon, and i look forward to the weekly updates in the future. πŸ‘

i played the winged ones from directly but i'm so hyped it's also going to be on steam!!! thank you so much for this opportunity, my email is tbh i'm not that used to the steam platform as well lol; BUT the achievements are really cool and i can't wait until winged ones comes out in 3 days γƒ½(γ€€ο½₯βˆ€ο½₯)οΎ‰

aaaaa i don't think i could ever express how much i admire your dedication!!! like?? WOW!!!! you are truly amazing i don't think i could bring myself to do the things you do with such consistency and your work is always incredible!!!!! you're like a superhero!! or heroine, of visual novels!! ( ᐛ )و  it's truly awe-inspiring to see all your weekly update posts and i'm so glad that you're taking time to make these visual novels. i really enjoyed the legend of the winged ones & i can't wait to play this one after seeing the demo!!! i just gotta save some money and not overspend too much lol _(Β΄ΰ½€`」 ∠)_. but it's notta problem and i definitely don't want to miss this when it comes out. β•­( ο½₯γ…‚ο½₯)و )))

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The demo is absolutely amazing so far; I don't even have the proper words to begin describing it. The characters are beautiful, the soundtrack is fantastic, and the CGs are absolutely flawless. (I met two of the characters so far and I already love this so much)

I've been following the development blog for about a year since I happened to have stumbled upon some art of the game on Google. Truth be told, I was enamored by the plot instantly because I have always loved a good mystery game ever since I was young. When I got the notification that the demo had came out during class, I almost immediately jumped out of my chair during a lecture in excitement. 

I'm excited to see how much further the game progresses, and I look forward to any future updates!