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That's really awesome!

It's fine, don't worry about it :). Hopefully people can still play it!

Thanks for stating you can't Mac or Linux. Hope others will play it, but I can't (as I use MacOS). Thanks for the submission!

Not sure. If you aren't 100% certain, then don't use them. is a great place for assets, though. Feel free to check it out.

Thanks for submitting this! Please can you either make a HTML version of this, or export it to MacOS and Linux? I use a Mac, so I can't play this, and others can't if it isn't available for their platforms. Thanks!

Yes, as long as either you made them or they are copyright free/royalty free or you have the permission to use them.

Agreed. Anyone can make an OS-like experience, but it just won't be built off the Linux Kernel.

I haven't got it but it's most likely a simulated desktop environment.

See how the development is going here:

Will there be a MacOS export? Would love to use this engine!

A very fun and addictive game! I love the pixelated art style, well done! I hope you do well in the rankings.

Expired link :(

That's awesome! Love the art style!

No problem! 

This is great! Very fun and addicting!