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Project: Puzzle community · Created a new topic Bugs
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Hey there!

Have you found a bug in the prototype? If so, please report it here, using the following format. It will help me improve the game a lot. Also, be sure to check if noone already found this bug, so that we can prevent duplicates. You can also check the todo list here!

Description: E.g. I can't pick up a cube

Patch Found in: E.g. Pre-Alpha 0.0.3

Screenshot/Video: E.g. a link to Imgur or to YouTube

The way the audio is used here is quite good, though it could have a bit more explanation. Then there is the movement, which could've been made a bit better. I sat here mashing at my keyboard trying to get back to where I was.

Overall I'd give this game a solid 7/10.

The game is nice and relaxing. The usage of sound is amazing, and really gives the game some chill and relaxing vibes. Only downside of the sound is that when you kill a triangle the beep is way too loud in comparison with the other sounds.

Overall I'd give this game a solid 8/10!

This was a great game! It is very polished. The mechanics work great, and the game is very relaxing. The only thing I would add would a way to know, or guess, how the ball will move. The Arrow is not making it very clear how you will move, which can be quite annoying at times.

Overall I'd give this game a 8.5/10!

The game feels quite polished for a Game Jam game. The mechanic that you need to collect those Diamonds could have been more explained, as it was quite unclear.

Overall I'd give this game a solid 7/10!

It's really annoying that every time the cursor leaves the window it restarts.

Cool! Maybe having a link to a sheet/document with the list of features you want to add would be nice?

Block Universe community · Created a new topic I like it


I like your concept. A tutorial would be nice though. Adding your own art would be nice, because now it looks like its an everybodyedits clone.
Other than that, I'm liking it!


I think I've encountered an issue. I can't click anything on anything. Nothing is getting highlighted either. I'm on Linux by the way.