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As a final note, I'm unsure if you ever considered such an option, but if you guys were to work on more titles than this one, I think it'd be worth looking into setting up a Patreon.

It'd make for a more stable source of funds for you, as KS is a swim-or-sink type of deal, and I'm sure you'd get a lot of people in time if you were to dedicate yourself to such venture. There are a lot of small/medium studios creating VNs and they have a pretty decent income from the donators.

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1. Glad to here that. I also think it's better to let the story and characters naturally evolve as you work with them.
2. I had to be blind to not notice that! >.< I read your posts on tumblr and Updates on KS after writing these questions... I should have read them beforehand. ^^"
3. Now you got me intrigued even more. Looking forward to seeing what you've in store, but I'll probably end up doing a bit of research myself, in an attempt to find out what your plans might be. c:

One more question if I may. What is then plan if the KS fails? Is there some failsafe plan for how to fund the creation of the VN even without KS?

Even without playing the demo, I was immediately on board when I saw the combination of beautiful art, yuri, a monster girl and folklore elements in a single VN.

I also have three quick questions, if I may:
1. What's the estimation for the game's length?
2. Is the Ai's name 愛, as in "love"?
3. The most important one. Will Ai "figure something out" when it comes to having Linh bear her children? You can't just put that into the story and let me down afterwards! One of the five endings maybe?

Backing up right away and unrealistically hoping we reach the third stretch goal. ^^
However, if possible, you guys should look into ways for people to contribute even after the kickstarter ends.