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Astreia's Team

A member registered Jun 22, 2021

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Hi Boscoe. We're sorry, our game can be played on Win 10. Please check the build release note to see the minimum requirements.

Hi Tamtacs. We're sorry you can't play our game, but we don't know why you have these problems. Do you reach the minimum requirements?

Thnk you very much for your comments

Hi Tsukuru. Thank you for your video and your comment. We hope you liked our game

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Hi, sorry, the game is made to be played with a controller. If you want to play with keyboard :

moving : Z, Q, S, D (AZERTY) or WASD (QWERTY)

using ring : mouse left button

grabbing : mouse right button

menu : ENTER

select : SPACE

I hope it will help you.

Hi, thx for your feedbacks. We'll try to make animations smoother, and there is no button to quit the game because the game is initially developed for Nintendo Switch, we are sorry for that.

Hi. Thx for your video and your comments. In fact, this graduation project has been developed on the Switch, but as it's not validated by Nintendo, you can't play it on Switch, that's why we made it on windows too, so players can test it. But the game is the same

Hello. Sorry, I don't know, you're the first one to report this problem. All games on are virus free, and all games from ISART school too, so you can trust this game.

Hi Shardien. Thank you very much for your video and your comments. We hope we'll release a full game in a few months, please, stay tuned on our insta or twitter page to have news.

Thx :-)

Thx for your comments and your video. Please follow us on twitter or insta to have news about our game.

Hey, thx for your comments. We are thinking about changing a little the controls to make them better.

Thx for your feedbacks. We're sorry for the keyboard, we didn't develop well these controls as we wanted our game to be played with a controller.

Thx :-)

Hey Levont. Thx you so much for having played our game and for your comments. As it's a graduation project, it's quiet short, and we hope to develop it as a full game.

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Thx Michel. If we develop a full game, we'll have enough time for it. But FX are made by artists ;-)


Thx, we look forward to your comments :-)