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Didn't think this would be that interesting after all, it's just a jigsaw game but, it's surprisingly super relaxing and, I really liked it actually!

Loved the game but, some things felt like they should've been marked better... for example to get five stars, I genuinely couldn't tell what to do and, the most iconic issue being the clock puzzle due to not being directly told how to get the hints for solving however once I figured out how to do it, the puzzle was rather interesting and, fun to do... also, I noticed a typo "-there's too work much left to..." instead of "-there's too much work left to..." but, yeah as I said I really loved the game.

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I'm absolutely loving the program, here's my first(/a test) doodle in it when I was messing around.

However, I want to address some issues I had with it...

Can you make an option removing the cursor details..? I do like the colorful cursor and, the spinning parts it has I do but, after a while, it gets really hard for me to focus on the cursor itself and, the colorful nature of it makes it hard to see... I don't care if the cursor is black or, grey, I just can't see it personally and, in general it really hurts my eyes now, I'm aware this is a bit of a nit pick but, I just had to bring it up.

Also, do you think you'll add a fill tool? I'm aware of the undo(/redo) button is a feature people want as well but, I'm personally curious of a fill tool( now to be honest I'm not sure if Flipnote even had a fill tool in the first place so, this also might be a nit pick).

Honestly, I physically laughed at myself for it since I knew there was a prologue yet, I still managed to install the wrong one, haha.

Also, thanks for the collection link!

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I'm a big ol' clown and, started playing this before the prologue somehow, I realized my mistake as soon as everyone sat down for dinner which I find hilarious that I didn't notice "Hey, the pacing on this is a little... weird-" or, anything... haha, luckily I was hardly spoiled on anything.

(Also, I adore your art style!)