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That means a lot to me, thank you! 

Hello right back! I'll give that one a look.

Hello! I apologize for the confusing wording. A Usage Die indicates the availability of a resource. Whenever you make use the item, you also roll the Usage Die as an independent check for that resource.

I see the issue there, and boy did I phrase that confusingly. Thank you for letting me know.

I will check, but the answer is definitely yes!

Thank you for the notes! I'm pleased to say that the inestimable Will Jobst has been brought on board to do the editing, and those gremlin errors are being run down one by one.

Ice, desert & hot/toxic will be the new arrangement of those suits. I wish I could squeeze in more, but we're already running a long list of cards for this release. Same with the tarot sizing, I'd love to offer it as a stretch goal, but it would be a pricey upgrade.

Thank you for giving it your eyes! Stay tuned, more is coming.

We can! Thank you for reminding me.

I've learned quite a bit since then about making cleaner sheets, bear with me and I'll get you better ones sometime soon, I promise!

This is excellent! I like how well you get Ironsworn as a worldbuilding engine, establishing frameworks but leaving room for individual fill-ins.

I'm uploading a .zip file of every individual sheet right now. Please let me know if you have any trouble with it, for a cyberpunk designer I'm pretty unhandy with a computer!

Thank you! 

Oh dear, I had knocked this together so fast, did I forget to put a mechanical reward for guests in there? There should be chip at the minimum.

Sure thing! Would you like individual pdfs or jpegs in a folder?

This week has been a bit busier than anticipated, but here's my best shot.

1.) The chips are supposed to be a rarity, you may squirrel them away for as long as you like and for as broken of a play as you can imagine. A Wodehousian story should have a sense of gay abandon after all. 

You ALWAYS get the bonuses to your character's suits, they're a bit like the stats in a Powered by the Apocalypse game, if you've ever played one of those.

2.)Ack! I apologize for being unclear on that. Pick two abilities as you need them, but you may not have more than two, unless you somehow invent a campaign version of this.

3.) The loop is vague because every group might have it's own sense of timing, but tricks put a hard limit on actions. If there is any confusion, the Matriarch may simply announce that a trick will or will not happen.

4.) The game is indeed players vs. the Matriarch, but only in the most gentle of ways. You are her heirs after all, even if she doesn't care for you, she must keep up the side. Otherwise you've got it. The matriarch is best played from the perspective that the players are wayward children and idiots who must be led to gainful roles in the family structure. The players are best thought of as wanting to avoid anything other than immediate enjoyment.

5.) That's a good point, perhaps we could call it "enfrazzlement" or some such?

6.) That's a fine point, I wonder if perhaps Jeeves could be rotating role for the players, and allow themselves into the story. It would be fun for everyone to be the deus ex machina.

This is exciting to revisit! I'd let this one fall off my radar, but you are asking good design questions, and I do love trick taking games as a possibility in the RPG space. I'll try to get back to this one in 2022!

I apologize for the vagueness, I wrote it on a lark, and barely had a chance to test it.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them and incorporate them in an update. Having been playing a lot of trick taking games lately, this was just on my mind again!

Okay, I'll be including your feedback in the next version, but here some answers for now:

1.) Thank you! Even with search&replace, there's always one.

2.) SOLO mode! You're not the only one to mention it, and I should make some space in the book for that.

3.)Samples & Discoveries are the same, they should all be called discoveries now, to help include the vista cards.

4.)Players should pick the landing site. 

5.) Currently players get one draw per Hex, per Expedition. They "reset" for future expeditions, though the MC should feel free to lock in a location that has potential for future visits.

6.)Ack, I need to put consequences for air/water depletion in the book! The simplest answer is to have the crew roll the Usage Die for both every day while exploring, (I usually do a breaking camp scene) If they cannot eat or drink, then they take their Level in damage at the end of the day. If they run out of air then they'll take their Level in dmg every Moment until they can fix that! 

As for resetting, I'll rephrase that. The crew begins with a Usage Die in those resources, but they can be potentially refilled back up to their starting level. Very keen to hear how well the balance on that is working for you.

Homeworld Die starts at D8, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't lower it to D6 to increase the pressure.

Thank you so much for the response! I love to hear about it when someone is playing my games!


This is great feedback! Please bear with me for a bit and I'll answer your questions by the weekend.

Ah, that varies. The playtest includes one 11"x17" map, plus  6 pages of PNP cards, and about 40-some pages of the book plus sheets. 

It's a lot, which is one of the reasons I'm not charging anything for it yet.

Could you please clarify that question? 

It's all in the just-added, zipped file. Please let me know if it doesn't open. Cheers!

You absolutely have my permission! This is a project that I will support in every way that I can.

That's an excellent suggestion! I'll add that to the next update.

Thank you!

Thanks! I'd been wanting to draw this stuff for a while, but no one was designing it. So why not make the dang thing myself?

Goodness, I'd be happy for this just to make paper copies someday. Thank you though!

Thank you! Hang tight, there's more coming!

Thank you! Strap in, because like a moonshot this is going to be exciting(!) but also will take quite a lot of time and have some delays..

Oh my god. Where has this been all of my life?

This is excellent feedback! It has increasingly become obvious that most groups draw at radically different speeds, and that I need to provide some dials to accommodate that fact.

As for more clients, I'd love to see what you've come up with! I've got some more almost ready to drop, and would be thrilled to just keep increasing the roster!

Roll20 would be an excellent idea! Your request got me looking into it, and I have put the word out looking for someone to build the sheets.

Yes! I'll be revisiting this project in August, and am happy to make any changes that make play easier!

Thank you! This is a setting I hope to return to some day.

Excellent! Watch this space, there are more crew, clients & other goodies on the way!

They should be available for anyone to download freely in the DEMO section, please let me know if there's any trouble with that and I'll make sure that you get them!

Thank you, Emanoel! 

Thank you!

Thank you! Watch this space. More material is coming in 2021.

Thank you! This means the world to me.

Thank you! You are not the only one asking, so I hope to make a second round sometime this year.

Thank you for the kind words!

My group finally got around to playing this, and it was the highlight of my winter. This was worth backing on KS for the Bettas alone!