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It is good that you were able to play this , but I think any newbie user , if he reads this post, he  might get some help for now...btw it is really irritating to open AppData again and again....

Yes you're right....I was figuring out why the game was not working...then download it from my browser..... placed in the same file location and lauched from the app-not working.

Then tried playing the game manually from that same location-it worked.

BTW , if you want to play this then-

C:\Users\ashvi\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Shattered Realms

open ${Shattered_Realms}.exe file.

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You wanted feedback right?Take this then-

That lag is something which I will avoid as this is an alpha build.....AWESOME....JUST PERFECT...a thing which I was trying to look for- a dog fight simulator.NICE JOB.Just add some more models in your next build, and yes dont forget to optimize this game.

Update 1-Played for 15 mins more and this is my new conclusion(I made a detailed review,please don't faint down reading this)-

1)Texture are kind of not bumped or rather look flat.Also , most graphical setting are pretty useless,for ex-clound render distance and terrain render distance;instead turn both of them them into a single setting-distance render.

2)Settings don't get saved.

3)Need to change the UI , and yes ,keyboard control for menu is a MUST , as some dont like using mouse.

4)Need to add some animations and mechanics LIKE FLAPS OR WINGS MOVING.

5)Three missiles are pretty useless .MAKE THE GAME WITH SIMPLE STUFFS(after all , every missiles folllow the purpose of blasting peoples , right?).Consider upgrading all of your combat system  respectively to this-

i) a counter-measure flare.

ii)a small ranged automatic missile.

iii)a long ranged non-automatic missile.

iv)an aerial combat gun

v)microphone chat(in case if this goes multiplayer)

6)Make a defence base or something like that for IMMERSIVE experience into the world of combat.

7)Key binding are repititive-for example there are three options for Missile launch - one for pc , one unbinded and one for xbox.Kind of confuses the user.

8)Should add support for a super-weak PC like mine[ :-( dont have cash in my pocket ].

9)Maybe add memory dumping??

10)Terrain need new trees and designs.

11)Add mesh to planes , FIX THE CONTROLS and MAKE THE GAME MORE HARDER .

I hope you did finish reading this comment right?Phew.

Thanks for reading.

Yes I have....I think you made a wrong file directory for the app

Actual directory-

C:\Users\ashvi\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Shattered Realms\${Shattered_Realms}.exe

What you did -

C:\Users\ashvi\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Shattered Realms${Shattered_Realms}.exe

There is a missing backslash.

Hello Guys ,

It kind of feels that the option menu is dead.

And well , pressing keyboard buttons not involved in games makes it crash.

Just check if this happens with you .