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Ash of Yggdrasil

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Thanks! :D

"It's the 21st century, and some people look like lizards. "

I am living for this game. Also, love the aro and ace options-- nice! ^-^

Btw, when I click the patreon link, it adds a "!" at the end, causing the link not work. The mailing list link did work, though. :)

It had a very cute ending <3

Felt the emotion in the game. I also enjoyed the music ^-^

Very cute :) 

Thanks for reading it!

Haha, I thought someone might do that. I like to imagine it's all in the pronunciation :p 

i love her 10/10

nailed it

precious, i love it

I love all the different endings. Also, you have a great writing style ^-^

nice nice nice nice nice 

Very creative!

I really enjoyed the game ^-^

short but amusing. good game! 

This was cute, simple, and fun! Good job c:

aww, thanks!

Glad you like it!