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Does anyone know how to find the save files... Recently just moved to a new pc and I want to keep what I have saved so far

This game is compatible with any tablet right?

Hello! I don’t know when the full game is coming out, but what I did to get a refund was to email    and then purchase the beta. 

GAHH just finished Toru’s route this such a great game! 😭❤️

Oh! Okay! Thank you! ❤️

❤️. I finished the beta today and it’s been a great game, but one question... How do I get to the confession scene? 🤔 For Toru I filled up the meter past crush but nothing ever happened?

I couldn’t wait any longer and I bought the beta today! 😭 I’m so happy with it, this is such an amazing game.

I can’t wait until it’s out! 😭❤️