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This is an amazing game! The gameplay is so smooth and addictive, having variety of upgrades lets you keep going for a long time.
Apart from game play, it looked great! The post processing, the particles, the lighting, everything was amazing,  It looks like like a full fledged mobile game. Add some touch control and just release it on google play as it is :D
I also really liked the idea of being able to change music and the "mood" of the level whenever you want.

I want to give useful and honest feedback but I couldn't find any issues or anything wrong with the game. Great job!

That's a great game you made! I love the scenery, everything's so beautiful and the level design is perfect! The controls are also pretty smooth and being able to adjust mouse sensitivity has made it even better. The enemies were too cute to kill at first but once I convinced myself to do it, I had a blast slaughtering them :D
Also the UI is amazing, it's pretty neat idea to have your ship travel to different parts of the menu.

I just have two suggestions:
-Add some sort of lose screen, I was pretty confused the first few times I died because I hadn't seen the health UI yet and I didn't know enemies actually damage you so much, so I thought the game has bugged out and thrown me back to menu when I died.
-Share more screenshots from this beautiful level you made on itch page and make a short gif for your cover image

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We're glad you liked the game and thank you for great feedback.

I think most of your points are valid,  just a couple of things, the looping animation was intentional, we thought it would look kinda funny since gravity is low and player's in air for a while after jumping.
You can also turn using arrow keys, I'm interested to know if rotation speed of camera was too fast for you.
And about lightning, we were so worried about performance that we tuned down a lot of things so everyone can play, but yeah we probably should set the default to polished for windows.

Again we really appreciate you taking the time to play our game and giving us valuable feedback.

Thanks for playing!
haha that was actually the special level you found :D

This is a great game! The environment looks so amazing and I love how you decided to have multiple levels instead of one long level.
The gameplay is pretty fun, loved dodging those candies :D

Great job!

This is so addictive! I was playing for half an hour telling myself I'm just gonna do one more day...

I love everything about it. The game looks so amazing and unique, the music fits the game perfectly and the UI is great. I was just wondering when these kids actually study :D

The game looks so cool! I love the music and the dialogues too, can't wait to see where it goes.

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I love the dialogues and your sense of humor!
I had a blast helping these cute characters, especially helping the cat get his groove back.

Don't worry about not having time to include some features, it was amazing for 2 weeks.

Whacking trolls never felt better :D hitting the trolls is really satisfying with the screen shake and blood splatter. The game's really engaging.

Great job!

The sword has knockback so it can be useful when you're cornered by enemies but beside that yeah it's a bit useless :D
I appreciate the feedback :->

haha yeah I found out I can shoot them after reading the game's page. Super fun!

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Thanks for playing!
Yeah honestly I'm not happy with the sound myself, I had to find and add all the sound effects 30 minutes before deadline so it's pretty lackluster. I appreciate your detailed feedback.

The movement is so fun. Most of the time I was just drifting around trying to avoid monsters. I love how interactive the whole environment is and the game looks and feels pretty polished.
I would just reduce the turning speed a little so it's  easier to aim.

I was actually looking for a racing game in the jam and this is the closest thing I've found so far :D
Great job!

Great atmosphere and aesthetics along with a nice story. The gameplay is pretty fun too, a little frustrating at times but that's just me sucking at platformers :D
Also the particles on player character made the jumping so satisfying. It's probably one of the most polished games in the jam.

Amazing job!

Oh that's great! I would love to know what you think.

It's a fun and cute game. I love the story and the barking mechanic, I would love to play a longer version with dog going around destroying buildings and scaring people by barking :D

Great job!

It's a really interesting idea, got stuck in different places couple of times but overall it was fun to explore the map.
It does need some more polish and play test to fix locations where player can get stuck (if that's not intentional)

Great job!

I love the concept, the gameplay is so fun and engaging too.
You used the assets so well but a bit more variety in the color of trees and grasses would've been nice, maybe different shades of green.

Great job!

I couldn't finish the game but even though puzzles are not really my thing, your game was so engaging to me.
I love the through tutorial, it helped a lot but there could be a little more explanation about how patterns are, maybe some more examples.

Great job! If I were you I would work on the game more and release it on google play, it could become pretty successful.

Thanks for playing and I really appreciate the feedback.
Enemies are actually knocked back when hit by sword but you're right staff is a little unbalanced.

It's so addictive! I kept saying to myself I'm just gonna have one more try till I finally killed the boss :D

Great job on everything!

It's a pretty unique game. I didn't think anyone could use kenny's 1 bit art pack for such game, that's amazing!
I love the concept and gameplay is fun but I think it needs some more polish. Specially switching between planets is a bit too hard and honestly most of the time I did it randomly.

Oh right I played again and it seems I had missed a whole lot.
Great game!

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Very well polished and fun, I especially love the environment, fits perfectly well with the story.  

Btw is there any extra ammo in the level?

It wasn't that hard for I guess about 6-7 minutes but all of a sudden the number of enemies and their speed gets too high.

You mixed both of favorite genre and created something amazing! 
The gameplay is so engaging and the need to look for fuel instead of sitting at one place and just spam enemies is a great choice. The abilities are great too even though some like the sword don't seem to be worth spending fuel on.
Also I don't know if it's intentional or not but at some point all of a sudden enemies got waaay too fast and I lost.

Awesome game. You need to expand it after the jam!

Very nice concept. I assume making each labyrinth takes a long time but I would love to play a more developed version with more levels.

Great job!

That's pretty fun! The control is great and I love how you made this feeling of being in the sky in a top down game. 

My only problem is with aiming, it's a little tricky to aim while controlling the ship.
Also I don't know if it's me staying up for two days or the colors in the game are too bright, but I got a little dizzy playing the game.

Great job!

The puzzles are very interesting and I love the simple but beautiful aesthetics. Also it's really great that there's a detailed explanation of what's going on that you can see at any moment.
Congrats on the 20th rate :D

Thanks for playing and featuring my game in your video :->
Not at all, it was a great video and I've subscribed. Keep up the good work.

Btw for the laser ability you just have to stay away from him when he's casting it.

Glad you liked it.
Thank you so much for encouraging us to improve <3

That's a beautiful game! I love the floating platforms and how to make way for you.

Amazing game overall. Great job!

The game looks so mesmerizing (literally). I was so scared of a possible jump scare tho.

I need to revisit this game and find the hidden messages when I'm tripping :D

Great job. I always remember to stay hydrated when taking drugs now!

That's an amazing drug management game :D

Really fun and creative game. Combining recolor and rewind mechanics has made some great puzzles. I loved the platforming too, it was pretty smooth but I had some small issues:
-As others mentioned the character is too slow, I was holding shift all the time. I don't know if it's intended or not but almost for all jumps I had to sprint because otherwise I just couldn't jump far enough.
-Some platforms were too close to the ceiling (for example the ones near the first red color change)
-The vertical platforms caused some jittering which can be easily fixed if you make the player become a child of that platform once they come in contact. (sorry if you already knew it but it was a problem I had too so I thought it could be helpful to you)

Great job overall!

I enjoyed it so much man! Awesome game!

It's a really fun game! Everything is very well executed. 
You should definitely keep working on it after the jam.

I just wish there was some sound effect on hitting enemies and getting hit, I want to hear those cowboys get shot :D

Great job!

That's a beautiful game!
I love the grandpa's model and the aesthetics. The music is pretty catchy too.
I really enjoyed the game  but there could be more visual variety to platforms, maybe a different appearance for platforms that fall.

Great job!