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This is good enough for me actually! Thank you for the feedback, it definitely give some insight on what to work on ^ ^ 

This is a really wonderful game, with awesome art style and story! Just as good as all the other games you guys have released so far! Keep up the great work :D

Thank you for your comment ^ ^ On that note, how long do you think the demo should be for you to properly give a feedback?

This is such a adorable and sweet game! I can't wait to see more stuff from you :D

This game was so wonderful and calming, and the art is so awesome!! The music are also nice and I love it. Did you made the tilesets yourself? They look absolutely beautiful!!

You can try download it at game jolt, it worked for me :o

Oooooh, thanks!

Oooh, OK thanks! The puzzles are very interesting, though I'm a bit stuck right now;; But I really enjoy the game so far, and can't wait for any future game you might come up with (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Aww, thanks a bunch! I'm glad you like it ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

The game look interesting and I really want to play it, but when I download the game I can't open it?

This game is so interesting, I really had fun playing it!!

There were so many twists and turns of the game, which made it very enjoyable to play! I really love the characters and the art is beautiful. I would definitely try out some other future games you guys might pull out!

Ugggggh, this was so beautiful!!!

Awesome game! Can't wait for it when it's finished.

This game looks awesome, but I'm already stuck on the first scene. some help, please?