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Wow! That was an impressive and such a creative/original use of Bitsy.

Don't forget that this is a creative jam. ie your submission doesn't have to be a game. It could be anything at all...

Art, soundscape/music , writing, animation, film, pop up book, photos of a knitted Frankenstein you made, a crossword puzzle featuring The Hound of the Baskervilles, a cake that looks like a scene from Wuthering Heights, anything anything anything!

For example one of my submissions is a fake promotional campaign for Jekyll & Hyde perfume, & I'm also working on a Twitter bot that shares ominous tweets & fake reviews of fake gothic novels.

I'm sorry to say that we've had to cancel this event.

Hi Gamer Cat. There's no voting on the submissions in this jam.

Gothic Novel Jam teams over on Crowd Forge are looking for:

(1) A musician for a vampire visual novel.

(2) Character design, music, minimal voice-over for another V.N.

(3) Music for a point & click 1930s adventure.

Links here: https://crowdforge.io/jams/gothicnoveljam 

Ha. That was so random. Loved it. :-)

Great story & atmospheric looking too.

Gary Numan's pretty good at these sort of remixes. 😉

Another great piece of storytelling. 😊 Really liked the original way you used Bitsy.

I thought you did a great job of getting the idea across. Won't say any more - don't want to do any spoilers. 😊

That's a cool little story. :-)


That was sweet. :-) Loved all the different personalities in there. The background music is great. Glad I could be a part of it.

I've also set up a team building page on Crowd Forge.


So, if you want to set up or join a team for the jam that's a good place to visit.

Sorry, Eldridge. I hadn't realised the link expires after a day by default. This one will work and isn't set to expire. https://discord.gg/xwEc4jh

Thanks for such a positive detailed response, Sebastian. And also for adding it to the compilation. 😊 I do appreciate that.

Thanks Eldridge. Flooding the screen is one of my favourite tricks in Processing 

Thanks Eldridge. I'm glad you really liked it. :-)


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For those of you who want to chat about the Gothic Novel Jam, I've set up a Discord server - https://discord.gg/xwEc4jh

This is a space where you can introduce yourself to other participants and share ideas about the jam and the great jam projects you're working on.

Come and say hi. :-)

Hi. The Discord server has been set up over at. Thanks for the suggestion: https://discord.gg/ZppyJE

(Edited 1 time)

I've got the jam entry page to go directly to the game page, so hopefully it won't be so confusing now. Thanks. :-)

The submission page doesn't show the browser version of the game. Here it is: https://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/560370

Thanks Em. :-)

Thanks Celia. :-)

Love the bunnies. Nice use of the hack too. :-)

That was cute. :-)

Wow. This is so moving. I hope everything goes well for you.

Oh gosh. That is such a  genuinely touching Bitsy. I recognised a few of the community from it. :-)

I haven't played a scroller shoot-em up for ages. :-)  Those head graphics were unexpected and cool.

This is so quirky, and original. Nice work. :-)

:-D What a great idea.

Thanks for the positive feedback, Onion. :-) & thanks for playing through twice to get the endings.

Hi Zgar & Lily. I'm just catching up with this. We'll get something set up for this over the next week. I'm just waiting to hear if someone else is setting something up. Don't want to confuse people by having 2 different servers. Thanks.

Hi all. I'm organising an event in Guildford Library for Gothic Novel Jam on 17th July... which is quite tricky, considering I don't even know what the sub-theme is yet!

The focus of the event is on sightings of the ghost of a Victorian woman at Guildford Castle. The aim is to make it a collaborative effort where people can create whatever they want to build up a story around this haunting. We've got various bits of tech and crafty/arty things available for people to use.

If any of you are interested in coming along and live in the area (you don't need to be a library member to participate) places need to be booked via Eventbrite, as we only have limited space. Full details of the event are over on Eventbrite.

This looks fantastic & is so eerie. Great work.

Lovely little story. The bobbing animation is great. 😊

This was such fun to play through - so random! I loved the variety of rooms and little stories in them. :-)

Thanks onion. 😊

Thanks Adam. :-)