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I would add Manuskript to writing programs, it's a pretty good Scrivener alternative (basically a story outliner with a bunch of extra features).

It doesn't have everything Scrivener has, but I personally prefer Manuskript and I find that it seems to have what's needed anyway instead of too much bloat.

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Oh and when you die you "ascend to enlightenment"! (It's a cute ending cutscene for your character).

It's a bit bit better than looping the game for sure, the game saves your score and you can reach enlightenment with more characters (although it's +1 score needed per level after each enlightenment, so you'll need 6 keys, then 7, then 8, etc...)

Thank you for your comments! Will definitely take them into account.

I also added "joystick support" to the game description now and the instructions for how to play each level.

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Awesome video! Really enjoyed watching it. You can actually use a gamepad if you connect one, I tested it while developing and it was really fun (you move with the stick and A/B for the controls).

Also I was pretty happy you figured out the last game even tho I was dying at first before you did.

I'm sorry about the lack of instructions for the third game, we were really pressed for time since the space/fireworks themes were announced on the last day and our artist wasn't available to more art/text :D

Thank you I will export with the latest version when I'm home and get back to you.

Feel free to add me on Discord if you want to stay in touch, it'll be easier to notify you.


Hello! Can you give us more information about your setup?

The game should run on any computer and if it doesn't we'll investigate it.

Are you using windows or linux? Nvidia or amd?

I wish I can give this more than 5 stars. Everything is awesome. Music, art, gameplay.

I love this.

I love this. 

What do you mean? I tried googling for ITEMSTOCK online but didn't get any results. If it is a point-of-sale system then there are actually open-source alternatives out there for sure. Just search Open Source Point of Sale software or Open Source Accounting Software. Otherwise I do not know what you mean.

That was a lovely game. Thank you!