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omggg thank you

Yeah I saw some people talking about a mini game and magic beans and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get there haha, guess I've still got some things to find. 

Thanks for the clarification on the release dates, that makes a lot more sense for sure! :)

Loving what I've seen so far. I feel a little held back by being a mouse/keypad user, especially as I use my laptop's trackpad and not an actual mouse. For example, when I was cooking I was unable to serve the meal since I apparently needed to hold down the LMB and then click RMB at the same time, which I can't do on a trackpad. 

The days feel a little short, even with finding the nightberries. I remember reading somewhere that it was about a 6 minute cycle? I think perhaps a 10 minute cycle might give a bit more time to explore and whatnot. Loving the more clear dig sites though, that was something that really confused me about v3.  

Two quick questions; One, is it possible to interact with the spirit sites in the prototype? and two, in the kickstarter the lowest tier says the estimated delivery is Dec 2017 for early access, but the rest say 2018. Which is correct?

This game is everything I've ever wanted and I'm super excited to see it progress! The art and design is very beautiful and I'm looking forward to spending more time in the game. 

I asked the same question and yes they said the intended to allow same-sex relationships in the full game :D