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Hi! So, it's a really cool game, and I'm using it to help my Japanese studies, but, after the first few conversations, dialogue stopped appearing when I talked to people. The questions and answers would still appear, but not the actual dialogue. Also, whenever I click on the menu or dictionary buttons in the top right corner, nothing appears, but the camera stops following the character. Any advice on how to avoid these issues? I'm not really sure what I should do :( I'm playing on a Mac. Thank you!

Ahh, this looks so cute and fun but the file refuses to open on mac. Just so you can be aware, the mac file gets stuck on "verify" and can't open. I used a sudo command in terminal to force verify it, but then the file does not even open a window at all. I will try it on a PC when I get home though!! (i'm out of town)

The art style of this is so so cute !!! I love it !