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I replayed the game for the secret room at the end. I was in tears again by the end. I still love this game and I can't wait for future projects of yours

This game is so adorable. It had me in tears.

I don't know what this game is but I like it 

I love the new update so much <3 I also love the hidden picture and the notes. Kind of Doki Doki vibes but I love it.

This is so adorable. I didn't expect the true end. Amazing game <3

I love the art style. I expected Cro to be obsessed with the player but this much better then that. Amazing game. Love the song at the 5th ending.

I love this game. I was so happy to see John Doe. Can't wait to see more games <3

I love this game <33

It's really nice how the player is gender neutral.

I just love everything about it thank you for making this. <3

I love ending 7, if you know you know, amazing game

I love love love this game

It's unbelievable how such an amazing game was done in such a little time. I love it <33

oh wow. This game is really amazing. I can't believe it was made in 48 hours . Even tho it tells you some stuff it still makes you ask a lot of questions. The voice reminds me of circuse baby's from fnaf

fun :}

cool game c:

I wanted to see if something happens after a big number. I got to 14370 and nothing happened. But amazing game