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Thank you so much for the quick update and reply, I checked it out and it's amazing!
Definitely worth the price!

Hello, I've noticed that on the unity store you have also added lots of raw sounds to this pack. Correct me if I'm wrong but this pack doesn't include those raw sounds yet, right? If it doesn't, could you add them here as well? I bought the pack here mostly for those but I don't really want to buy it again in the unity store as well.

Nice work!
Take a look at this guy's assets, this one is free to download.
The best way to put these up is as png frame by frame, but you can do a single png with all the frames aligned next to each other but it takes time to cut them in unity so we are very grateful if it's already seperated.
One more thing but it might be just me, some people put up for example single png-s where if there's any movement involved the frames slightly move out of center to any direction but I always recenter them because I don't want the animation to move my character I always move them by code so for me if the pngs are centered thats a bonus.
I hope this answers your question.

The game seems to be packed with tons of features but they really go to waste if you spawn the player in and then bombard him with enemies instantly.
I'm not even sure whats going on at first glance.
Noone will know your controls and mechanics instantly just beucase you write it down before the game starts, in my opinion you should add a tutorial part where you show the player around so he gets used to the game and slowly increase the difficutly. Otherwise this could be a cool game!

57 score :D
Fun, but needs some new elements after a while because it gets repetitive and once you get the hang of it, it's not hard anymore and starts to become boring.

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cool game!
I can see that a lot of effort went into this because there are tons of features!
What I would improve tho are the following:(if you want to improve it)
- Jumping is very important, maybe let the player deceide how high they want to jump the longer they hold the jump button.
-Game is very difficult even on medium I couldn't get far after multiple attempts.
- Overall looks and gamefeel, sound effects etc
- Maybe some info on the items on the UI

I can imagine players having fun with the multiplayer, sadly I only tried solo and the game freezes when I die

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I missed the sale because I wasn't home :( well thank you anyway, hope I can get it next time. :)

Game is a little bit too easy and short but i liked it!
Cool effects and I like how the lights turn on when you grag the key :D

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Very cool, thank you

Also I was wondering if you still did commision work and if you do then I saw the prices change if you can resell the art to everyone here. Would the price be the same if I asked for an animation for an existing character here which you can add as an update for everyone? I mean thinking about it, it would be weird that I'd pay for something that a lot of people then get for free but I might be interested about it later on. I don't have any concrete plans i'm just wondering. Thank you.

I just got an email that there's an update for this but I can't seem to find it on the page (I can only see the Oct 14, 2020 update).
May I ask what is the update? (Sorry if it's obvious but I can't find it :( )

I might be your most retarded customer lol
Most of the packs I buy from you I end up not using because I lose motivation mid project, but you always release something new that gets me back into programming. In a way I guess we motivate each other to continue, I hope I can finish a project some day :(

You are right, i missed it, sometimes there's a youtube video on the right and the absence of it made me think there's no sample.
I should've read more carefully, but I like what I got anyway, I'll leave my comment up maybe someone else misses it too.

sounds good, thank you!

great stuff, just wanted to mention for future buyers, that this is 1 male and 1 female voice actor, so you can use this for your main character only mostly.(I thought it would be multiple voice actors for different characters in my game) Both of the voice actors sound fairly young maybe in their 20s-30s i'm not sure. This is why i prefer to look at samples before buying.

Thank you for the sale!

Just wanted to say, thank you for this halloween sale, finally could get more things i wanted, keep up the good work!

thank you for the update!

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basically what I wanted was that the animation would be the same until the last frame when he throws the flask then I would just insantiate the flask with it's trail and add force to that (while the character continues it's throwing motion), sorry if I was being unclear, it's already a very useful update if you add the flask's trail to it.

oh and also when the character is about to throw the flask is still emitting some gas and dripping on the floor, thats a cool little detail that's missing as well.

Thank you so much for the quick fix!
1 tiny detail tho... I seem to be missing the flying colored effect that the flask leaves behind (sorry I can't express myself properly in english) it's called the flask's trail maybe?
For me having the flask and it's effect seperated is not important so it can be together if that's easier for you.

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I was really hyped for this amazing looking character.
I might be missing some knowledge but I want the projectile to be seperated in order to give it some force so this character would throw the flask on top of the player to damage him.
I tried cutting it out with unity sprite editor but it takes a lot of time and I lose some details in the process because some particles are on top of the character's hand and I have to cut that out.
Are you planning to release the projectile seperately?
Because in this current state this character can only throw the flask right in front of him which is not the best tbh.
I'm not an expert so I might be wrong.

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Okay, I bought the human bundle then.
Thank you for the amazing work and discounts!
I might seem cheap but i'm doing this as a hobby (making simple 2d games as a single developer) and i'm not making any profit or anything, that's why i'm leaning towards sales so I can afford this but also support artists!

I'm a little bit lost here can you help me?
So you got this cool Human Faction Bundle going on, and every character in it seems to be on a 10% sale even if I buy them individually but of course we can see the overall price is affected by it too.
On the other hand the pixel heroes bundle is not affected by this 10% off which could be fine because that's a sale already but it's a little confusing, is it intended?
Also what happens if I buy both of the bundles?

wow, very cool!

Checked out your website, and i really like the cultists too, but i can't find them anywhere, do you sell those, or are those going to be available here?

Do you plan on adding walking animations to these amazing characters eventually? I'd make them patrol but it would look weird if they were running around. I check your art every day i can't get enough of it haha. Can't wait to get to the point where i'm done with the game mechanics and can start to make characters so i can buy these!

I really appreciate that you write back to everyone, even to me when my question was not that relevant, i'm sure others appreciate it too! So thank you for being so friendly and now you gave me another reason to wait for summer! :D

sorry, i noticed you already mostly answered this question a month ago, on another drawing.

Hi, i'm in love with your art and been eyeing them for a while now, i especially like this bundle deal you got going on. My question would be, do you plan to make bundle deals frequently? Also do you plan to add more to them, for example all the animations and characters you drew a while back? Or maybe just a literally everything in 1 package?
Thank you for the amazing work so far and i hope you continue!

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hello, did you make the game using tutorials and lessons or you just experiented a little with everything and then made everything on your own?
Thanks for the answer in advance.

Also you can infinitely jump on the walls if you hold d or a when close to them and press jump

Will there ever be Animations for climbing ladders for both this character and the knight?
I'm making a game and i really like your artwork, bought some and probably gonna buy it all when i get there in the development, i would gladly pay for this as well, maybe others would too.
Thanks for the answer in advance!