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Okay I see. I added the score pretty last minute and didn't really have time to do anything but add boundaries to the players movement.

What do you mean a trap?

Sorry if I was harsh, rereading my comment I see how I could come off that way. I try to give honest feedback but there's a fine line between honesty and cruelty.

You do you. If a design choice feels right to you, go with it.

I agree. The second level almost made me quit as well.

I imagine it could be fun with a proper tutorial, but it's really hard to grasp.

Not bad. Really, really like the visual style - for 90 minutes it looks great. The music didn't fell like it fit though, and it lacked any interesting gameplay beyond the first minute or two.

Umm... it's Snake. With rainbow pieces. And an easy mode. I'd be interested to see your post-jam build, but right now I'm sorry to say it's too basic.

Not something I really enjoyed, unfortunately. I didn't understand the concept initially, I thought I was trying to hit words instead of avoid them.

Another thing: I'm fairly certain the Discord logo is not open source, public domain, free for use, or any combination thereof.

I'm not sure what the idea was here. I hesitate to criticize something I don't understand.

Very nice. It's super satisfying to bounce the little sheep around, and the end screen was great because it didn't cut off player engagement. The visuals and sound design felt a little bit clunky, but I know time was limited so great job overall.

It's okay - the colour mechanic was cool. But this feels like it would be better with Space Invaders-esque shooting instead of a turret. It was also fairly easy for what seems like an arcade game in a lot of ways, so a bit more challenge would be nice.

Interesting premise, but I feel like the controls are a hindrance. Using the mouse would feel more natural than the keyboard and would be smoother to handle. In addition, requiring the player to get coins  - some of which were in very tricky to reach areas - to unlock checkpoints was frustrating.

Thanks! I picked out the music last but decided that would be a fun moment. I think the stripes could have used some texture to indicate their effect, like a plus or minus sign to indicate speed change or a reverse arrow to indicate direction. A high score would have been great but I've never done one in Godot before and I ran out of time. Great suggestions though!

Sorry to hear that.  The speed-up might have been a bit too aggressive, but it added such a cool moment I didn't want to leave it out. As for the triangles, I assure you they do have triangle collisions. However, I just reviewed my code, and the player's collision capsule extends a little past their feet by accident, that could be the issue.

Personal best: 44.65

Two things:

You can die if you run out of health when you reach the exit. I was poisoned, and died instead of going to the next level. I think this actually makes for a great moment in the early- or mid-game, but I can imagine it being pretty rage inducing on floor 23.

Also, combining the Feral Gauntlets and the Monk's Amulet leads to uncontrollable behaviour. The diagram on the left is what I would expect, the diagram on the right is what I got (red: attack, blue: attack + move).

I might have the exact positioning wrong but you get the gist.

Really, really, good. Feels like single-player fantasy Into the Breach - positioning is critical, and so many abilities push and pull enemies. I'm just getting started with LÖVE, but it looks really promising so far.

What license is this under? I'd like to use it in Minetest.

Anyone else getting Old Town Road vibes from that awesome soundtrack?

I enjoyed it, but IMHO the music doesn’t really fit. Just a thought :)


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That's a great idea. Thanks for your kind words, I poured many hours into this and I was terrified people would think it was "meh" at best.

For instance, could I use this:

Any chance you could include a more pixel art font on that list? It cuts into development a lot if I have to draw the alphabet. Twice. And numbers.

CheapJam community · Created a new topic Fonts

Do we have to make our own fonts?

Thanks! All the credit for the sprites should go to 0x72 ( and Kenney (, they do great work.

No problem. Normally (as I understand it) attribution should include the name of the work, the creator of the work, and the license the work is under. However, in the case of Kevin Macleod, he has a specific way he wants to be attributed, like so:

Take the Lead Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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I have been rickrolled.

Great game! Just so you know though, you haven't properly attributed Kevin MacLeod.

I agree. Unfortunately two hours doesn’t leave a lot of time for playtesting, so it’s hard to spot things like that. Once the rating period is over I’m definitely going to go back and add some more polish.


I got 37! Quite fun, but the controls are a bit sluggish. Feels like a one-button Bit Blaster XL.

Thanks! Any feedback is welcome,  I've been making games for a couple of years now, but only just started to take it seriously.