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Asai Hatsuyo

A member registered Jun 26, 2018

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those are all great ideas! and, the shark is really not a threat, like at all. i play with 3 other people, and we have shark bait for days, so... yeah...

Hello! my 2 friends and i have really started liking the new version on steam, but whats really missing is nome more craftable decorating. 

I have two ideas in mind what could be added:

1: A surfboard with a shark bite in the side. Can either be stood up on the ground (vertical) or be hung onto the wall. (horizontal) It could need 4 wood and 8 plastic to craft.

2: A Fish trophy to put on the wall. It can be hung up against the wall like the shark trophy, but its not as tall as the shark trophy. A Fish (preferably a salmon) could hang on the wall and will also display the message you write under it. It would cost 8 wood, 4 nails, and of course, a salmon.

these will both just be decorative items, which wont affect gameplay that much, and probably wont take that much effort to put in. Yet they will also fit into the game quite nicely stylewise. It could really enlighten creations built in creative and could also be a great accesorie for your beautiful survival raft. Me and my friend are all playing on one survival world, and are all building are own little rooms on our raft, which would be why we would like them added. 

Thank you for reading,