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Hey! Loving the game concept and it looks like the quest system is a great idea for balancing :) I'm getting the same bug where heroes get stuck on chests in the second level.  When a lot of enemies are running around it's usually fine because they end up pushing eachother into it and getting unstuck but when only  a few enemies survived they're stuck and you need to restart.

Good luck with the debugging ^^ great game

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yeah, sadly, checked the discord. The team moved on to other projects like Terra Nil, really hyped for it too!

Love this game! It gave me nostalgia of the days when I played starcraft I and II. Defending and building, keeping everything balanced, it all feels great! The way new towers, buildings and options are unlocked by playing really feels rewarding too. The only thing I'd say is a shame is the difficulty curve; maybe I need to get gud :P but around the levels when you unlock the missile launcher and the fertilizer I was just stuck. 

Maybe adding different difficulty options?

All in all, phenomenal job! Thanks for the nostalgia :)

Thank you for the detailed feedback ! It's truly appreciated :)

Thanks !  (I'm awful at it too :P)

I agree the music is awesome haha kota did a great job with it!

A bit too hard for my feeble non-macro brain ^^

But love that there's an rts game here, and one where you play the monsters too!

Love the ambiance that's created and the small beginning cut-scene really helps with that.

Short light range works well too for this.

I think the player could be a bit faster, or the map smaller, but it felt very slow and eventually tedious. 

I was sometimes a bit confused as to what was a wall and where I could walk, so maybe you could have considered making walls darker to sell the illusion?

Didn't really stick around too long sadly, but noticed the voice acting, top notch !

Very smooth movement, love the fact that you have to stop and turn around to shoot the zombies chasing you, adds more intensity.

A hp bar would be lovely, though idk if you can die?

Graphics work very well together although some darker elements could help ground the whole vibe.

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Amazing concept and execution! Moving to the beat feels incredible, imma go check out 'crypt of the necrodancer' now x)

But seriously, feels great. The randomness adds excitement but also makes some levels waay easier, and some waaay harder, which sometimes feels unfair.

A cool addition would be a way to see where the funky ghosts are headed next, in order to make strategical decisions :)

(Only got to level 4 but I feel I'll be coming back to this)

The movement in this is soooo fun, at first I felt like I had absolutely no control over the spaceship but slowly I began to anticipate momentum, inertia and a bunch more physics words. I think a parallax background would be a cherry on top :P

Very fun physics : apple/10

The movement really adds to this entry I think, because without it it would just be a twin stick shooter. To make this easier for the player to understand, maybe having a grid or a tile system on the floor could help? Kinda like chess?

Overall pretty fun and quick to finish <3

Fun idea! Controlling multiple characters really makes it frantic and you feel like you're about to get overrun. 

Maybe having enemies spawn at different rates randomly, or having different enemy types could add more variety because right now since every lane is identical you can just balance everything out and it's pretty simple. 

Fun game!

Love the concept, feels a bit like plants vs zombies in a way. I think you could play around with powerups to make the gameplay feel more diverse. Right now it's kinda button-mashing, which is fun but can get boring quickly. 

Obliterating a whole line of enemies was really fun :)

Really fun to play! The sprites are really nice, and the background could look equally as polished with some more time I suspect :)
The difficulty curve was fun but still challenging. I think that it's not particularly clear what the goal is. I figured out that the keys opened the blue doors but only by accident :P (then again I am pretty dumb so might not be an issue).

Overall really polished for a jam title, excited to see what comes next :)


Thank you!

This is such a nice idea! The difficulty curve makes sense and the fact that the concept isn't apparent at first but soon becomes obvious is just icing on the cake.

Good job ! Kick-ass soundtrack too!