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A way to fix this: Don't make it in unity. Unity does many good things, but those are only making games fast. Not good. Try using OpenGL, it is amazing for making games, and many great ones have been made in OpenGL. If you find it too hard, since most unity "developers" probably would try LWJGL.

Then pay him $9

Maybe you should force the sword robot to buy me clone drone for not being in the training facility.

Are you sure that's me?

I can't I've never played before.


cool idea, but not cool this THIS guy played it..


I could probably beat you if I got the game.

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We need: Shortcuts. All good games have them. Like maybe shift+click to fast move something in your inventory to your main inventory (The items you can use numberkeys to get to), or main inventory to inventory if clicked an item that is in main inventory.

Also make something like a reinforced wall to make it so that it can't be attacked by the shark because his teeth are too small, or a reinforced floor.

I live in the middle of nowhere. Also thats not begging.

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give me an ACTUAL answer. Thats not how you beg for a game. Thats not begging

He isn't yelling. He is typing. And with that restriction it removes the free movement feel

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How do I ask someone to buy me this game, without getting them to say no?

I can't afford it

Created a new topic Was fun

Very fun game to play with friends.

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don't publish a test game on the internet

Replied to FORTYTWO in Raft comments


Replied to FORTYTWO in Raft comments

It has some of the mechanics of it.

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this is rust 2.0 no rage editon

New website: artsicleprojects.com! Later today I will update the site with my games hosted there!

New website: artsicleprojects.com! Later today I will update the site with my games hosted there!

Isnt too fun

No, how to play :)

It was fun. Until my ship was destroyed. It has some balance issues. Maybe If I can move faster or repairing helps it more

Would be nice for a tutorial

No, I actually rewrote this for this post. My IDE would tell me the error if I did it there. fixing the error! :)

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I had some troubles with this, but after looking at the console I saw what was wrong

If you looked at this, you might see nothing wrong

<script src="http://raw.githubusercontent.com/wilq32/jqueryrotate/master/jQueryRotate.js"></script>

It works normally, right? Yes. Itch.io, doesnt want this though

It does not allow HTTP links. But this site, is actually an https but the person advertising it that I found, accidentally left it http. It worked fine, but not for itchio. Here is the fixed version

<sciprt src="<a href=" https:="" raw.githubusercontent.com="" wilq32="" jqueryrotate="" master="" jqueryrotate.js"=""></sciprt><script src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wilq32/jqueryrotate/master/jQueryRotate.js"></script>

Also you might need to use a file entirely for itchio! Hope this helped!

Copyright is epic!

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Awesome game! When I played it, I filled up half the battle field with unarmeds! Here is the video!

And me editing/making it!

Great game! Totally how I make videos!

I have a GTX 1070, and it ran fine :)


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I did a video on this game! Sadly, there wasnt much footage with the game being mostly building, but the destruction was kept in!

Created a new topic Everything didnt go planned

I made a funny moments video, and it was an epic game! I would love to see a finished version of this game!

When i was in the train (at the end of episode 1 of my letsplay) I was shining my light at the monster and it was staying in the corner of the seat with me. Not moving at all, causing me to die.

Created a new topic New Video!

I have finished reocrding a video of this game! Very intresting!

Yep :)

This game has some great potential if it recieves updates!
I made a video right here!

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Recording Beta 2 today!

The beta 1 video was uploaded a couple weeks ago!

ps. There is a glitch in the first couple seconds in the video. That is actually what the title is. 1080 flip in a car in a fps game. I magically flew up and flipped sideways :O

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I played beta 1 on youtube, And it was amazing! I will play beta 2 next thursday!


Btw, big glitch in both the games. But in the first episode I WAS IN the car and it flipped.

Created a new topic Title

I was thinking of recording this, but I saw it wasnt more of an action game where you try to click the X's or anything. You just defend bullets. Maybe you can add that