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This one was a bit different as I noticed Scoob could be in different places each time. Another great game nonetheless!

I still love the meme games! I always have a blast playing them!

Made a little playthrough! This one was easier than the Courage one but still pretty hard. Please enjoy:

Another fantastic game! This one was a little tougher. A lot like Sesame Street. Anyways, I'll just leave my playthrough here:

Might I ask why the low review? I would love to know what to improve so that it's more enjoyable to you.

Charming little game with a lot of potential! This dev really knows how to string in the nostalgia and horror all into one little package. I highly recommend checking out all of Dave's games on both Gamejolt and Itchio!
My playthrough on my YouTube channel, ArthurPlays:

Did a fun playthrough on my channel ArthurPlays!
I hope you'll enjoy:

I don't get scared by horror games at all. However, this one broke me. It's been a long time since I've felt the dread in the atmosphere like this. Very good job devs, please keep it up!

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A great, short, indie game. If you have 15-minutes to spare, download the game and give it a play. The story is pretty much visit uncle, uncle missing, strange things happen. I wish the game was longer, but it did what it set out to do. Very good job devs!

Lavender is a lovely game about a birthday girl who is not locked in a tower.

10/10 - IGN "Would play again, best game of the year GOTY!"

In all seriousness, the game was very artistic in its design. Each "level" is a floor of the tower presenting a new puzzle each time. If one is observant enough there are "Pink Hairs" laying about which lead to something sinister. The game keeps to its word that horror elements are only there for you to find. However, during my playthrough I found the horror side by accident. I really enjoyed the game and I'll be sure to check out more from Clockwork Prince. Very good job!