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I'm believe the problem of incest is not in relationships itself, but in a degeneracy of posterity as a possible result of such relationships. And as everything else in our slave and feudal society - big bosses just prohibit or inculcate something for us through their law or their religion. Despite the fact that stupid people are they benefit... 

Thanks! The new game will come instead updates!

Thank you! Currently we work on the sequel of this game and there will be lots of gameplay, levels and graphics improvements. 

Stay in touch!

lol... who plays in that?...

Nice look, but can't play without W-A-S-D controls...

I like it much! Thank you!

Hi, just try W-A-S-D

No, I just been notified about new comment from you and thought it's your answer for me,  but my problem is the game crushed right after the level is loaded... The worst thing I can't update video drivers (thanks to HP using drivers from 2011). Anyway I play many games 2015-2016 with high, medium or low video settings. 


my laptop has two switchable graphic cards, so:

1. AMD Radeon HD6770M;

2. Intel HD

Thank you!

Thanks  Misha! ;)

yes, crashing always on the same point - when level is started. 

Laptop specs: CPU Intel i5 2.4;   AMD Radeon HD6770M 2Gb;  RAM 6Gb; Windows 7 x64

Hi, I've choosed the hero, the first level just loaded and started then... crash (Windows 7 x64)


Ha Ha, nice hands animation! I have similar game:

It's fricky amazing! But can you please add mirrors to arrow keys control - WASD ?

Thank you for detailed feedback! An amount of fixes and new features will be added with the next update. Stay in touch!

Hi there! I just posted one of my 2D games here on, and would like to get any feedbacks from the community! 

"Become the one of the aces from “Air Wolves” legendary squadron and partitipate in an endless battle for the sky during the First World War. Try to shoot down as many enemy airplanes as you can and grab stars and boosters. You will be pleased with flight using an easiest one-touch control for mobiles or a space button on keyboard to fly up.  

Play On

Thank you!