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hey i played the english translation, i like it i just wish there where something more to it then just, well staring at her feet and a brief dialog option but good job

cool, can't wait

i hope you finish the translation soon

it was a pleasure working with you guys

very cool idea done well, in a way i kinda wish there was checkpoints but it's nothing that would ruin it's quality

hey it would be helpful if you can tell this to the discord "the admin of this server said his computer died last night and can't sign in to discord so he wouldn't be able to reply to any questions on the server, if you really want some reply's ask him on the page"


it would be also great if you can join a team and tell me some problems there

ok i see it it should never expire now can you try again now? this should invite you to the server and i'll add you also it doesn't expire so you can join anytime heres the server please give me feedback

RPG Gamejam community · Created a new topic new to Discord

hey everyone i made a discord server and i think feedback heres the server

oh maybe i'll try to get to it soon discord is new to me

really cool game i thought the main mechanic was cool and i actually like the writing it was sweet and realistic and it does have some humor in it like trying not to say "i like your breasts" to her makes me giggle 

me: want to have sex with me?

girl: and your telling this to a computer?!?!

me: :(

"Tell her she looks cute when she's embarrassed" i died ;)

if people are having trouble with the combat heres a tip, BUNNY JUMP

k thanks you been a real help to me

sorry if some stuff are left out

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well good and all but i have One more problem in blender i can't do any bump maps at all without the whole mash turning orange and i can't find any information on this, and this happens to every bump map tutorial i watched

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my experience level is that i'm a beginner to texture and lighting but i know how to model and rig

sure thing i'm taking to make something more like this

but i keep getting this

i look up some videos of it and it's not what i'm looking for i meant a model in Blender then a pixel art texture but thanks for replying

note: i'm not looking for someone but on to the question, i'm making a 3d spaceship with pixel texture for a horror jam and i'm having problems texturing it, problem 1: the pixels look flatter then a pancake ,  Problem 2: i don't know what colors that would fit with what i'm going for, i'm going for a very white spaceship, also take note that i'm using blender for my pixel art and modeling the only other software i will use is photoshop

i'm making a game in a spaceship and i'm having problems trying to make Pixel art to fit with the mesh, for one it looks really flat, 2 the colors doesn't really fit i'm going for a very white look for the SpaceShip,  side note i'm pixel arting in blender and not any program i might use PhotoShop and i do have GraphicGale

hey this game is really cool i wouldn't play this for long but it's a nice idea done well