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"Dude Simulator 3 is an open world sandbox game" i wouldn't call this open world but small ended levels , the prison was a piece of shit of a level if someone didn't tell me in the comments how to escape i wouldn't have solved it , it had potontiel at the start and shooting the guy in the motel was fun but after that everything go downhill , the twist at the end was nice i guess


i am in the prison , i can't do anything , i bought the screwdriver , the knife , used the grenades , killed all the prisoners , now what ?

umm this is a weird question but is there only artists in your group ? because the game works really bad ,unreal's blueprints can't handle these kind of models and high textures  so the game will run bad if you only used them and no code,that would explain it

uhh i guess you are a beginner in game dev right ?

" i have all the baldi games" what the hell do you mean there is only one baldi game

oh I see , my bad then 

umm isn't there already one made a few weeks ago ?

so ... you saw the other game get popular and re made it or what ?