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Aris Kostakos

A member registered Sep 19, 2016

Recent community posts

Crashes on me:(

AI not too hard or too easy.

Fun game. Would have liked AI to come in more frequently.

How do u play this? Pressed buttons, nothing happened..

By far my favourite entry. This game could become a real game, the idea is too great.

Loved the npc dialogue, and how you're nicely greeted before you go all demon on them.

AI clearly shows in all npcs.

it's fun figuring out the tactic to kill the hero group effeciently.

Camera sucks:)

I'm sure there's lots of stuff happening with AI behind the scenes but I couldn't tell.

Very interesting concept, with the ball hitting you from behind, and the walls moving.

I could really see an amazing multiplayer game out of this.

Ai has pathfinding.

Felt polished.

the only meaningful choice is to not get trapped.

Original idea.

Not much fun to play. no meaningful way to dodge bullets, u just complete the race and ignore the ai.

Fun enough to stick to it through the end.

Like you said, balancing needs work.

Very original idea.

i found the 'order' confusing. does it mean, when to do something, or who to target. i often wanted an option for both.

This could be an amazing multiplayer game.

There's a bug that you're said you destroyed the enemy, but missiles were nowere near him.

the globe thing was very original