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Love the super affordable pricing for the game <3 Overall I think the rewards are pretty good.

Best of luck on your campaign! :D

Okay, now that I've played through both Neil and Dimitri's routes, I just had to comment on what a wonderful job you did with their stories <3 I loved both of their personalities, but Dimitri edges Neil out cause I felt like his had more resolution to the conflict (of his brother&parents) than Neil did (with his parents and job) and character development. I also loved the Plus version and I'm glad I was able to play it too! (albeit took me forever to figure it out since I have a Mac) Looking forward to the next character update! :D

I figured it out based on your recommendation! (For anyone wondering, its the apple icon in the upper left hand corner > System Preferences > Security&Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > And add the game app to control your computer and check off the box for it) And also didn't encounter any bugs along the way :D 

Damn I was hoping to avoid any potential bugs in the Mac version by constantly saving and reloading, but rip I couldn't even get past the avatar creation screen before getting an error message. 

I don't know if there's a set date for this mini game, but when I encountered it in game, there was an error *right when I crossed the finish line* So I had to rollback and retry, but it still showed me error messages so I ultimately had to decline the challenge. And this happened right before July. Also, I think there's a mistake in the game's calendar. July 1st occurred twice for me (Sat and Sun) so I had to pay wages and fees twice. 

I haven't played this yet, but judging from the previous comment, I'm less inclined to now because I'm a huge grammar freak. 

If you guys need a proofreader, I'd be up for the job! I'm not a native speaker,  but I've lived in the US most of my life and  consider myself pretty fluent in English.

Finally got it to work. I had to right click "Show package contents" and open it up that way for the screen to load. 

It may just be me, but when I open up the game on my Mac it's just a black screen even after several attempts.