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I can only say what others have already said. Interesting story, (although the info dump tutorial was a bit tedious to read thruogh) but the controls and the lack of sound makes it a hard experience to get through. Clearly your strong suit is writing so maybe you should team up with a programmer or someone who can help realise your ideas.

Thanks for the feedback! I tried to fix that bug you mentioned, but I couldn't. (I know, I have no excuse and it should be a really easy fix)

Thanks for the feedback!

Really cool (although slightly annyoing) game. It's nice that you can actually control the car well, you just have to learn how. And nice choice of music.

Nice grapchics, witty writing, nail biting challange and a merchandisable mascot. I must say, I'm impressed.

Guess I should have noticed that when that level took several tries to finish even for me. Thanks for the feedback!

Yea, I was never an artist. Maybe I should team up with an artist next time, or use premade assets.

Very simple idea, but definetly a great excecution. The screenshake was a bit much for my taste, but I still enjoyed it. The shooting was just so satisfying.

It's a fun little game! But admittedly, it's best in short sessions. Due to this, and that it has simple controls, this would work perfectly as a phone game.

I guess I'l join the choir and say that I love the aesthetics. But I loved the story even more. Slightly better pacing, and it might even make people tear up. The only problems I have are the lack of music or ambient sounds. Either of those would make the already great presentation even better. Other than that, I must say I really liked your game.

Really clever puzzle, but there should have been some better prize for solving it, and also the hints should have been a bit more obvious here and there. I had to look up the walktrough once. But again, really clever puzzle.

Could be a really interesting little game, but few things make it a bit frustrating. The text is hardly readable due to the weird font. I get that it tries to go for a medieval/fantasy style, but there are probably better fonts with similar styles out there. The collisions are also weird. Walls' collision seem to be bigger than the walls themselves, and the enemy hitboxes could be more generous. There's some missed potential there also. Based on the text I could read, there could have been some cool story. Adding one or two more types of orbs could also spice up the experience. But at the end of the day this is a game jam game, and I couldn't even get as much done as you did in the time frame. Overall: If some technical stuff was better, that would elevate the quality of the game a lot, but I still enjoyed playing it.

This is a really cool little game. I would love to give you some feedback but I only have nitpicks, like how the music slightly distorts at a certain note or that when you die there should be a retry button next to the go back to menu button. But other than that, I had a lot of fun with it. I played it for a bit longer then I planned because it made me so determined to get the burger.

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Thank you for the feedback! Yea, there are quite a few things that I know I could have done and probably a million more I don't know. But knwoing how bad and slow of a programmer I am, I'm glad that the game even runs. :D

I wouldn't say dislike, but it was a bit annyoing. The plants that stun you (in my opinion) should shoot slighty less freqently and it would be just fine. And due to the nature of games that go on infinitely, the sense of losing control would come naturally after a while. But overall I did have fun, so I wouldn't use the term "dislike".

This was definitely a more serious game than what I would expect in a game jam of this type. Although the lack of choice has been used many a times to express a sense of meaninglessnes, depression and others, it still was a grabbing experience. (Does that make sense? Grabbing experience? Sorry, english is not my native language.) There should have been some polish in the text here and there, but I still liked this game. I kinda feel weird rating it by how fun it is, because it clearly doesn't try to be fun in the traditional meaning of the word.

While it was fun to play this for a few minutes, I quickly discovered an exploit that I can just chop the bottom of the tree constantly and then it has no chance of growing. And collecting points by killing stuff wasn't a good enough incentive to not do that. If that small exploit would be fixed, it could be a really fun game.

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Neat idea, but the stun mechanics made the game very unfair.

Really enjoyed the funny lines of the creator, but the gimmick wore off quick. Also, I don't know if it's intentional, but the shooting sound effect sounds very distorted.

Thank you for this comment! I find critique much more important and useful than compliments.

The sword swings should be faster, and there needs to be some feedback for when the monsters get hit.

Best game in this jam, hands down.

Thanks! No, I wish I could play half as good. It's a royalty free etude, it's name is on the game page's description.

It was an interesting combintaion. The story wasn't that great, but it certainly set the mood.  If there's one thing I didn't like, it's the jumping. It felt too slow and floaty. But other than that, I liked the game.

I'm glad you liked it. I'd call it a walking simulator, but I guess visual novel fits as well.

I took a backwards approach, and wanted to express how he lacks magic in his life. Looking back, maybe my game was a bit forced into the theme. Anyways, I'm glad you found the game interesting.

The jumping is terrible, and it's so sad because everything else was so good about this game, and this single aspect brings it all down.

Neat idea, but there should be a punishement for pressing too early, because now there is nothing stopping the player from just quickly tapping space like a machine gun and winning easily.

This is incredible! The atmosphere and the humour is really enjoyable. Only if I could difuse at least a single bomb. :D

Really like the concept. I would love to see if one day, outside of the game jam it gets developed into a bigger game.

A quite simple but very fun game.

Thanks for the comment! I'll see what I can do.

That last choice, that last choice was really hard. I wished I could have chosen all the options. Nice game! It affected me more than I expected.

Spoilers I guess: At the end it was a bit funny to see my thoughts written back to me, as one of them literally was just "Cookies." Great game though.

Thank you for your comment! I'll keep these in mind next time I make  a text adventure.

That's an incredible idea. I really enjoyed it, although it's a bit too hard for me. (But that's just my own personal problem)