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Arethrid (AKA Theoden)

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Hi! Sorry to hear you are having problems.

You could try uninstalling XNA, restarting your PC and re-installing XNA in administrator mode by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator".

Do you have .Net Framework 4.0 installed? If not you can download and install it from Microsoft's website: (

Thank you very much! I am very happy to hear you liked the game!

I had similar ideas but decided to keep the core mechanics very basic and get the game released after all these months spent in development :)

I am always open to suggestions and I might still add more things to the game, it is a really fun project!

And I assume you are from Turkey like me :)

Thank you very much for playing the game and commenting! <3

Thanks for the visit! Glad to hear you find it relaxing :)

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Thank you very much! And thanks a lot for the support!

I hope you will enjoy the game!

Thank you very much! I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it!

It was a very fun project to work on and I am always happy to hear that people are having a good time with it! <3

Cozy Days is a relaxing sandbox game featuring a peaceful house with a warm and cozy fireplace at its heart. 

Cozy Days simply provides a calming hygge ambiance for relaxing, studying, reading, sleeping and meditating.

Cozy Days Download Page

Beautiful little game!

I love the Incredible Machine series so this one is a treat :)

I am a huge fan of Ecstatica. Bring on the ellipsoid chars! :)

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

A drop dead gorgeous game :)

Nice one! 

Harika, tebrik ederim :) 

(Commodore'dan Theoden)

Nice mood. Digging the dithering filter too.

The game looks really polished and well-made.

Digging the gameplay feel and the effects.

Digging the art in this one.

Why the White Tree of Gondor is at the bottom right corner? :)

Great to see this finished. Just tried it out and it is great.

Played this years ago, now I will download it to play it again :)
As a gamedev who loves C#/XNA /MonoGame, I always find this game to be an awesome experience and inspiration.

Looks awesome!

Didn't work in my office PC which has an Intel Graphics Chip though.

The command prompt reads: "GLSL 1.30 or higher is required."

I will try it on my gaming PC.

No need to be sorry man. I am a programmer as well and I know how this sort of small things pop up from time to time. Your game looks, plays and sounds awesome, I wish you the best of luck with the development, cheers!

I have sent you the log file. 

It says "WARNING: Shader Unsupported: " and  "ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU"

So it is actually about pixel/vertex shader versions.

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It works perfectly fine on my gaming PC at home. 

I had this problem with my laptop in my office. It has an integrated Intel GPU and I think it doesn't support some pixel shader versions. I am able to see the text but then I get a black screen when it should render 3D graphics.  I can hear walking sound effects and the bike but I see a black screen with text written on it as if the screen buffer doesn't even refresh. 

The laptop can run several other Unity games but maybe you are using a high level shader effect?

Hi, I am stuck at the screen that reads "Hold the handlebar to start riding".

I can't wait for this.

Exactly my type of combat mechanics! I have been trying to do something very similar for a year now.

I love it!