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More than it needing a bit of balancing, I've found nothing. For example holding Frank's right click turns it into an op death beam.

The game looked decent-ish from the thumbnail but when playing it it's really quite good.

If the game is a .exe file, you can't run it on quest with that. I'm fairly certain it needs to be compiled for quest


Ok, main thing I'd think would be good is moving with joystick and visible hands/controllers

I mean't the controls for VR.

TARDIS VR community · Created a new topic The Controls.

What hinders me from enjoying this is the controls. I'd recommend having the possibility of walking with the touchpad/joystick and turning with it too as the walk in place motion is a bit crappy. Also I can't see my hands, this is a problem when trying to pull levers.

The one so you don't need to use your torch.

Try Wine to run it on Linux.

Continue it. And how the hell is this free?? It's an totally amazing game.

does the light switch work?

Many people play... *sarcasm*

When i first saw it i didnt see English in the languages....


Spiders arent that scary!

Go to the discord

and follow instructions there if you want to get a chance to play test the game!!!

Amazing game!!! What engine did you use to make it?

I havent been able to complete this game a single time in i dont know how long!

please add a easy mode?

This... Is... Free.... WHAAAAT?