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Oh gosh this game is simply spectacular, even if it's just a demo for now. You had me right at the first scene,,, I have a soft spot for murder-mystery plots and this is very well-written! I love the variety of characters as well,, they have character depth and I especially love Rei,,,, probably because we got to see his cold vs playful demeanor but still grumpy 24/7. I am so excited to play the full game! 

I knew this was just a prologue but I was still very sad when it ended,,, the story is brilliantly written, and the art enhances the whole atmosphere set as well. And I love the phone interface; such a fresh idea! Can't wait to play the full game!!

Ahh okay thank you very much!! And thank you for making this game, it's brilliant so far :)

Aaah I just finished the first chapter and I have to say this game is lovely! Especially loving the art style and cultural references!! Although for some reason I can't get to chapter two, even after I saved where the game told me to,,, I'm not sure if I'm mixing up the files since the one I have is 1.0 while the log says the second chapter is supposed to be 1.2? 

Oh my gosh,,,, i just finished this game and it's p e r f e c t. I am in love with all the characters and their different dynamism but somehow,,, they just work together,, 

I feel for Diya 99% of the time with her anxiety,, and love for dogs and food. She's so cute with just the way she is and it makes me feel better about myself too :')) Noelle's story with her mom also hit home pretty hard,, i like that it ends on a good note!!! But still with humour!! It's a message that touched my heart and i just needed it so thank you so much ;;

(((also this game made me go through a long face journey bc my roommate is in and i couldnt squeal esp when that last CG popped up asjdfdk)))