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Really cool! The music rules!

Really cool!

Aw thanks so much! Thank you for sharing the video too! So cool to see my game being streamed! 

I noticed saving restores your health (which is awesome), so perhaps it's intentional?

Cool! Yeah I'd hate to have the difficulty nerfed too much, as it is cool and makes me wanna master it. But like you said, it is pretty harsh for the tutorial area. It does occur to me that I might have too much previous turn based combat biases, and that I need to approach it differently.

Sorry that was vague. I should know better, I'm a programmer too, lol

I saved at the ladder and movable cells area save point with 2hp and then went into the 2nd battle (two droids) with 2hp. Retrying after death correctly set my hp back to 2, but selecting retry no, backing out to the main menu through save and exit and selecting continue put me back at the save point  with 9hp.

Version 0.1143

Not sure if this is intended, but exiting the game and loading a save refills your health. Retrying after death however, does not. 

Heya guys! Just wanted to start off by saying that I was super psyched to see the alpha invite in my email today, and super bummed that I had to work all day before I could play. I've been following the game since the first TIG Forums devlogs posts. That art immediately hooked me, and then when I saw that you were combining three of my favorite genres: cinematic platformer, RPG, and adventure game, in a cool sci-fi setting, I was all over it!

I guess I'll get my biggest gripe out of the way first. Combat is kicking my ass. Specifically melee. I think I had to do the first tutorial fight four or five times, and I am actually stuck on the second fight with the two droids. I must've reloaded a dozen times so far. I get the combat system, color outline determines which attack/defense will succeed/fail, but it feels like the window of opportunity is way too small. I'm an old school turn based combat guy, and I'm familiar with similar timed combat systems, Legend of Dragoon, Shadow Hearts, but Wanderer is way to fast for me. So, your attack phase is timed, which is cool because you can get in as many attacks as colors you can match up during that time, but the problem is with the enemy's counterattacks. The enemy lights up with a counterattack color immediately after your swing animation, and from there you have like, one second to react. By the time my brain has registered that I messed it up and got hit, another enemy attack has already started. Perhaps I was going about it wrong and trying to jam too many attacks in there before the timer ran out, but it still feels like, "What the hell just happened there?" I do kind of like that enemies aren't static during your attack phase, but I hate reloading the same battle over and over, haha. Possible solutions that I see are:

1) Have distinct attack and defense phases similar to Ar Tonelico 1+2. I was able to keep up with defense after using a healing item, and it still didn't seem too easy because the window is small. This might take away from the combat dynamic though and require more code changes than

2) Slow the whole thing down a tad. Increase the delay between the player's attack animation and the enemy counterattacking as well.  Maybe increase the window for hitting the correct button too. This could be tweaked witouht major code and design changes, I'm assuming.

Side note: As it stands, I feel that the gameplay is kind of disparate between the moderately paced exploration, thoughtful puzzle solving, heavy dialog (love the dialog btw!), and the "What the hell just hit me" combat. I do like the combat design! I just find the pace frustrating.

Ok, negative done. I still love the art and the presentation is awesome. The world is beautiful and feels alive. I really like the multiple levels of camera zoom, it really helps keep things fresh. I love the old school adventure game gameplay. Puzzles so far are tricky but not frustrating. "How in the hell am I supposed to.......ohhhhhhhh." The characters are really awesome so far and I enjoy the dialog. I like that action buttons are each mapped to a gamepad button rather than the normal selecting with the stick/dpad and confirming with a button. It took some getting used to but it really streamlines things. Music is awesome! Really dig that harmonica part during the opening cutscene.

Thanks for opening the alpha up to us! Looking forward to more! Good luck guys!