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Entertaining video,  I enjoyed watching it.   Thanks for playing!

thanks!  The models I have here are pretty simple, so I’m sure with a little practice you could create ones like them or better too.  I’ll be sure to check yours out when I get a chance.  Thanks for playing!

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thanks for playing!  I actually was working on the ‘mario’ style longer-hold-longer-jump thing, but ended up scrapping it for the double jump.  Really there is no reason I couldn’t have both, as long as the levels are designed with the feature in mind.  I also do need to work more on the balance of difficulty, so I’ll keep things like the distance of spikes in mind should I decide to revisit or continue this project.  Thanks again!

Kudos on getting this far in such a short time.  Making games isn't easy, and getting better at making them can be a life long pursuit.  That being said, I don't understand why you chose the default controls you did.  WASD is pretty much the standard for fps games, and the ZQSD is strange, unless the reasoning is you are using a unique type of keyboard. 

Keep up the effort.  Never stop learning and you'll go far.  

Thank you so much!  I actually had a similar thought about making it a mobile game.  I hear you about the last two level, it would be easy enough to switch them around, I think I had a reason at one point for putting them in that order, but I was also super tired and can't for the life of me remember lol.  But thanks for playing!  

I actually rather like the concept of the game, and didn't really have an issue with the physics either.  I did get the ball stuck on an unbreakable platform at one point and was unable to continue.  I'm also not sure if I'd say it its super fitting of the theme, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  

Lol you went kind of the opposite of me and my submission.  I love it though, well executed.  

A ton of potential here, just a lot of things that need to be improved.  The floaty controls and strange collision handling (you can literally get stuck on the ceiling).  Over all though the idea is solid and I can see a fun puzzle game being made around this mechanic.

Simple, easy to follow, and clean.  Nicely done.  

Super entertaining.  Nice work.

This was super unique and well executed.  As a really big fan of the idea of higher dimensions and trying to imagine them within our 3D world, I've seen concepts like this before, but only as videos, not as games (with the exception of Miegakure of course).  Taking a step down and applying it to a lower dimension feels obvious after seeing your prototype, but its something I wouldn't have thought of on my own.  Nicely done and very impressive.  

It was interesting, and I could see a version of this working, but it would need to be fleshed out I feel.  I would really prefer the controls to be based off the camera perspective, rather than the character.  Reminds me of the camera bullet thing from splinter cell.  


It is exactly what it says it is.  Surprisingly entertaining.  

Good job!

I like the concept, but the actual controls were a little frustrating.  I realize you are trying to tell me what to press in the top corner, but something about it was just incredibly difficult to figure out.  I had immediately assumed that the button shown on the right would make me go right, the button shown on the top would make me jump, and the button shown on the left would make me go left, but this was clearly not the case.  Whenever I thought I had the button associated with the movement down, I found I was mistaken, and it almost felt like sometimes it would lie to me, though I'm sure I must be missing something.  Also with it in the top right I felt like I had to constantly focus on that instead of on the game.  Maybe consider overlaying the controls on the character so our focus is always there instead.  

All in all I would like to see a version of this game that is more fleshed out, as I do like the concept.  

I'm not super big on text games, but this was engaging none the less.  You did a great job of shoving a ton of atmosphere into basic shapes, colors, and text.  I think the only thing I want to see is more.  

good work

I really like the idea of this game, and the humor (there goes jimmy again).  That being said I feel that the execution could have been better.  This is an impressive amount of work  for a jam, but there are enough issues to make it more frustrating than entertaining.  I also don't understand the reasoning for two different color hooks, unless I just didn't play far enough to learn the purpose. 

Solid effort, I'd like to see an actual polished game with the ideas you have here fleshed out.  

I love this concept.  Makes for interesting puzzles.   Just so you are aware, I actually got stuck floating away in space on the level with the switch.  My guy shot straight up a one point and the level never restarted, leaving me to float into the abyss for eternity with no obvious way to restart the level or continue.  Still solid game though.  Good job.

Simple and clean.  Nicely executed concept of 'shoot to move' and an interesting take on the asteroids classic.   Good work.

I like the concept, as others have already mentioned the only thing I would like to see is more.  More variation, more enemies, maybe even more attacks.  You've got a solid core here and a lot of potential to do something really cool.  Nicely done.

First off, I love this idea.  This simple mechanism for movement is interesting and intriguing and I can think of a hundred ways to expand upon it.  Nicely done.   I have only two real issues, which I'm sure you would have gotten two had you more time.  The first is that the characters arch doesn't match up exactly with the arch that is drawn on the screen.  This wasn't a big deal once I figured it out, but is kind of just a quality of life thing. 

The second issue was that there doesn't appear to be a real limit on how far you can launch the character.  This was funny and not a major thing either, but just something I thought I'd point out.   If I could keep dragging my mouse, I could keep extending the distance the character would launch.

Love the art and aesthetic too.  I could get into this one.  

Interesting concept.  After skimming some of the other comments here, I have to agree with what others are saying.  I'd like to know before shooting each button, what exactly they do, and maybe a little more time to react, at least in the beginning.  The very first go I was frantically pushing buttons trying to figure out what to do while making my way to the right, off the edge towards my inevitable demise.  If you teach me what to do first, I'll find it less frustrating when you kill me, as I'll only be able to blame myself.  

On a different note, love the art.  

Thanks for playing!

As mentioned by others, the controls are really my only issue.  I like the concept, but the jump really needs to be tighter to keep it from being overly frustrating.