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Stole a kiss from Death and walked in on her changing. Would die again.

Alright, managed to beat the game after the backgrounds stopped loading. Maybe an image got corrupted when I downloaded the game, not sure. Anyway, was a great read! Got a few ideas on who might have done it so I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!


Two odd points that struck me:

  • "His bed seemed to be unmade, but that was hardly unusual. Ignoring what should have been a red flag, Shugo crawled into bed." This line sounds like it's saying "Everything was normal, he should have noticed." It makes more sense with the previous line about the door being shut, but it's a bit confusing since only this text appears on that screen.
  • "...both girls sporting names just as abnormal as their magic." Satou and Masume sound perfectly normal though in a setting of Japanese names.

The storyline of the witch attacking them and the hearing about the one behind it all was very cool, hoping you continue the story!

Cool story with a cute art style! Overall an interesting premise with magic in modern society. Character interactions between Shugo and Satou were well done, would be curious to learn more about the others in future episodes.

There were a number of spots in the game where the text auto advances without the user's input which caused me to miss some lines. Might be worth checking to see that proper page breaks are in place. A couple times a few lines rendered at the same time, causes flashing text as well.


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to beat the game yet due to crashes and glitches. First time it crashed inside the restaurant after talking to the guy in the bar. After, when I got back to the guy at the bar, the game started over from the beginning without clearing the screen and resulted in a funny interaction with the bartender in my private office talking about drugs. Here's a screenshot

I've tried 3-4 times with different choices, but I haven't been able to reach the end without it looping to the beginning or crashing. Could you tell me the correct options to reach the end? I'd really like to read the ending of the story >.<

Nice details with word choice and dialogue, worked very well to convey the story. The characters felt a little flat though, like they were stock characters pulled from another story, but it fit the story just fine.

Great art for the backgrounds and the characters, nice touch. The shift in art style between a few of the characters was a little distracting, but not a big deal for a game jam project. The clue finding part was a really cool touch, nice!

Some of the choices I was a bit confused on why they worked or didn't. Like the first choice, if you click the first option the game loops until you hit the second choice. Then later if you go straight to the restaurant instead of getting information, it skips that whole part with the library. Couldn't tell if that was making me lose or not though, more in next post.