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Oh Fish am  i high or what???
Interesting game  you got there. but  so many bugs.. I easily cleared it because of  them. ha!

I want it as my computer wallpaper!

Awesome! It ran smooth, levels explained what we were supposed to do very nicely.

game mechanics were new to me as I never played something like this before. loved it.

just one thing, what was that orange paint and another empty container? hinting second player? :D

XD thanks for the video. I'll tell you if i make anything funny again someday. ^^

thank you space squid. I put so much effort on mechanics of this game to make them deep and creative. I will keep up the good and hard work like I put into this game.

Yes I will patch it soon. I wanted player to know that shotgun is short range but i over did it. XD Thanks for feeedback!

Wow i just checked my iphone and it still has it after 3 years.. well its called "The hacker" and there was a mini game where you align bugs to fixes but then yours have the "cloninators"? so yours is quite different. love the twist. ^^ gives player more challenge on how many clones to create. 

Lol I enjoyed keep smashing x after setting the power low and drive your ball around. Very simple but fun. ^^ 

Poor guy at least have his clones to help. Quite challenging puzzles actually! reminds me of an old hacking game i played on phone. ^^

Felt blind playing this game. after some hit and trials i reached yellow stages. Loved the sound effects for this one. 

i'd suggest, It would be better if you could hear footsteps too as to know how fast you are going. 

Nice game though, made me respect the color spectrum more.  :')

I understand. I also wanted to add so many other ideas like traps and little interactions around. or at least classic exploding barrels. XD  and my game has elemental damage and each enemy die with only one elemental shot. it was my first jam so I didn't know about spending more time on polishing than adding stuff.

well have a good day. ^^ 

Nice Game, its more fun killing your enemies than in my game XD i made something like this too where you can only shoot once with a weapon but i spent more time adding mechanics that i couldn't add more weapons.

Thanks for your feedback! I understand the camera is too close for shotgun, its just to made sure that player knows its a close range weapon. I will improve on the death animations and enemy AI later. ^^ didn't have much time for quality assurance as there was a lot to code for me.
Art team didn't have much time so we only had few resources. there is barely any sounds too. thanks for giving it a chance though! 

Amazing! took me over 4 mins but it was fun! music after hitting that giant button was so cool.

why is it 847 mbs?