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I've never played this game until now, and I got to say, it's an experience, thank you.

Certainly, keep up the good work

Straight forward and there seems to be replayability, nice work.

It's not often I get to play games like this, good sense of unease and yet still has some form of humor, thank you. 

I made a compilation of 3 games I played recently and decided to put your guy's game at the beginning, This is a classic but effective theme you got going on here, repetitious due to being a demo but that's to be expected, i'm curious what you guys have planned. 

I made a 3 scary games video for shorter games that I've played, and I saved your guy's game as the best for last. Very nice aesthetic 

Thank you so much! I'm striving to be a voice actor so i'm ecstatic to hear you say that

OH RAD thank you, keep it up, you got good creative vision

I'm glad to have played this, this reminded me of a time in my life quite some time ago, I even ended up rambling a bit at the end. 

As promised I gave this game a try, very fun, effective premise and funny enemy.

Oh there's more to come, nice to hear, always like to play games that give me silent hill nostalgia

This brings me back to when I played Silent Hill 2, nice bit of details from the first 4 (and best) games of the series.

This was an unexpected masterpiece, you made my night.

This game gave a lot more than what I was expecting, great job. No joke in my playthrough I figured out the phone number early but it doesn't work unless you get all bad endings, which is nice but of detail to ensure you get the whole story.

will be honest, the plankton fight needs a save point, you die VERY easily at that point because of how hard it is to dodge every projectile and how quickly you rack up the damage, HOWEVER, this game is hilarious and there needs to be more installments. 

I got dead ended at 2 points but that might be partly due to me. despite that I enjoyed everything else about this game, excited to see what comes in the future.