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Hi Max -

I have been converting my Amazon Fire HD10 in to a real Android tablet - installing the launcher hijacker, google playstore, Nova.. and in my testing things out I ran across Kare wa Kanojo - hilarious name, confuses the translaters but clever.  It _is_ a little bit of foreshadowing, eh?  Anyway - something in all the comments and your approach of "pay-what-you-will", and the scenario for the game itself has me certain to read it.  I grabbed the apk and also downloading windows ver. - the images look worthy of the higher-res to me.   I have one question, and I almost hesitate because I don't want to get anyone "up in arms" about the issue..  you seem cool and since I got the info on VNDB I doubt I will offend you.  VNDB says there is an 18+ version of the Eng+Win release.  I personally am not a prude, nor a sicko.. I enjoy anime/manga girls, there's an innate beauty and often sex-appeal to the style, and we all know it.  Anyway - from VNDB I tried to track down a patch or a release of that version, as I will always prefer an 18+ for such a story (it is honestly closer to IRL as far as I'm concerned).  From some comments it sounds like the content was simply removed, but - I like the way VNDB presents it, heh... an option/version.  I know many people kind of dis'd the art - but I like it.  I like all of the characters.  I was on deviantart and I happened upon an artist's impression of this game.  She wrapped up her writing with this:  "... but this fetish fiend found something meaningful and beautiful in Kare wa Kanojo.".  I didn't realize that it was not just a straightforward trap, but rather - a heartrending story about a _girl_ -- with a very rare condition, wherein ... the "special place" does not develop the way it normally would, and sometimes is even very similar to the male "special place".  Now - this person may have been hypothesizing if the ending left out any detail... but implied that she was not simply a "dude in girl's clothes".  Well,  I'll find out.  I kind of hope that there is a patch or an original copy of that 18+ because if the story's good (many call it brilliant), it will support the added realism of a little H.  I'm intrigued anyway, and tra
Apologies for the runaway verboseness.   
Cheers and really looking forward - lot of very positive press, Max!