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Goodmorning RB Dev2 :),

I'm curious, since i know you are busy working on more missions..

Maybe you could add a Ground Strike/Infantry Support mission with the A-10 thunderbolt or the A29 Super tucano.

That'd be cool! I know you're working very hard on the game and i am astonished by what you've reached so far. 

Thanks already 

When in cockpit view u can see where the missile is coming from.

I agree with some things, but the three kinds of different missiles is something i really like about it, they all have a different way of how to use them.  And for me, the settings do save so i guess you have multiple maps with data or something. ;P

Flares are already in the game - H

If u press Leftclick there is a cannon.

I don't know about the other stuff, but hope you will play some more and understand it a bit more!