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I will be taking down the betakey system this 2018.

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Hi! $irDevsALot here

I have some  very Unfortunate news here.

The game has been running for 2 years now, and I thank you for supporting me throughout those 2 years, but I am stopping this game for several reasons, laziness, bad scripting, bad models (or models that are not mine), slowness, it is oversaturated,  and it copies other games (like Battlebit and Ravenfield), plus my game has a low popularity, making it hard to be continued, I am planning on remastering the game properly , it makes me ashamed of how I am making this game, I am very sorry for this. The game can still be downloaded. There will be 1-2 last updates by 2018.

Thank you for reading this. Have a good day.


How to spell "Iwan": Iwan.

Cool, made in 1.5 months, mine took almost a year and my game looks crap still! good job!

that's why, you should have told iwan in the first place

Nice game! but what happened to Likerfield?

SORRY FOR A VEEERING LATE REPLY, i was busy lateley, but here use "xlTXbNRyl2"

sorry for a late reply, use "xlTXbNRyl2"

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you could use the restart feature

:D lolol

soon :D


nah, it's just the obvious buttons are play and exit, to be logical

you can actually change inputs within the launcher itself