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Created a new topic new 24x24 tile set

Its right here! that will open a link in a new tab, this one will not!

thanks for reading!

Created a new topic Games made with tile set

post examples of games made with the tile set!

YouTube videos would probably be best for those with not a lot of time.

Created a new topic FeedBack

Direct constructive criticism would be nice :)

@radHABiT , thanks for the feedback :)

@wonderingmonster  Thanks, this is easily the best and most complete game I've made :) Also thanks for the music writing advice I will give that a try :)

@merlin4, Yeah my composition skill is my weakest skill for sure.  I have gotten better though. it is at least tolerable.(hopefully). I will continue to work on it, Thank you for the feedback :D

@ Rhornbeck , Sorry I didn't think about putting the control scheme in the pause menu or built a better tutorial. I am glad you remembered though :)

@ Jupiter Hadley awesome video :D

@ Delca I am working on fixing the camera, I am going to keep the version I submitted as is. However I will be working on a version that will be updated and maintained with fixes and features such as proper camera work and feed back systems(sprite flash when hit, etc.).

@ cr0ss I totally forgot to put some sort of hit indicator in for the player, and the game over screen, I got them on my check list for the version 2.0 of the game that I am going to be working on

@ Lemth , Sorry I was having major issues getting the camera to lock into the boss room, I will work on a separate version of the game that will be more polished overall and will fix the camera and have less repetitive audio.

@ Dachshund ♥ Techno , Sorry that I didn't put something in the game to let you know that the holes in the ground wouldn't kill you

Fun game! I am not very good at it, but its still fun :)

Thanks :) I was playing megaman3 when I wasn't sleeping or working on this. Thank you for commenting :D

pretty awesome, cant beat the final boss though. but everything else is pretty cool.