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Final submission can be found here

Day 18

Infinite waves, scoring system, and powerups were hacked in today. Good luck to everyone who entered and may the best game win!

Day 14 - 17

Honestly not much was done in this time. Work is busy and home hard drive was down so only some pixelart and animations got finished.

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Day 11 - 13

Been dealing with a corrupt OS on my SSD at home so haven't been able to do much programming. I have added some pretty cool pixel art though.

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Day 10

Added new shooting behavior for each character based off their heads. Lots of balance updates today. Player stats are weaker and the boss is much harder and shoots much faster. Also, added descriptions for character creation. New item upvote acts as a health pack.

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Day 9

Implemented the first pass at the player's health, shield, and portrait. Added new shooting behaviors for the player, and the enemies.

Screenshot of the day:

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Hello Everyone,

I started on my game on the first of January after hearing about the jam. I had just finished another app, it was my first time using JavaFx which is fantastic in my opinion. The first 8 days will be summarized to the best of my memory.

Most of my work is done from an office computer that is why the majority of the tools I use you will see are free and browser based with Eclipse being the exception.

Day 1

I heard about the game jam. I setup a new LibGdx project and a generic space shoot 'em up.

Day 4

My coworker jokingly made a tease about how I always browse stating that my game should be about dank memes. I take to the idea and immediately thought of Nyan cat for some ungodly reason. Setup parallax background and assets for placeholder entites.

Day 4-7

Over the course of 3 days much of the modeling and logic of the game was implemented including managers for AI behavior, sound, enemy wave management. Also, I created a unique character creation screen for the player to build their very own dank meme.

Day 8

Implemented collision detection and finished about 50% of the games level content (should take about 5 min to beat when completed) including the first boss. Much of the user interface in-game is still missing.

Hello Community,

Late entry here.. My name is Alex, programming hobbyist and solo competitor in this game jam. My project so far has made extensive use of these tools:

Good luck to all the developers and may the best game win!